Author: Seth Campos
Publisher:Mubby Books
ISBN-13: 978-0-9825417-1-5

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As an unabashed comics enthusiast, it is always a pleasure for me to discover a new graphic novel or strip, and Welcome to Beeky Airlines is a great new addition to my shelf.

Written and drawn by fourteen year old Seth Campos, a home schooled resident of Redmond, Washington, "Welcome.." is a collection of cartoon strips he first started drawing at the age of eight. Aimed at readers from "5 to 100",this delightful book stars eleven year old Carl and his (imaginary?) friends - Ben the bear and Beeky the bird- and chronicles their zany (mis) adventures together. Often reminiscent of that classic series, Calvin and Hobbes, "Welcome.." combines simple black and white llustrations with humour that ranges from the wry to the slapstick, and had me hooked from page one.

Seth displays deft wordplay and a keen eye for detail that unearths humour in the most mundane everyday situations. He also has a commendable grasp of the medium, seen in the way he imaginatively plays with the elements of each panel. A speech balloon becomes a weapon; a picture on the wall mirrors the actions of a character in the foreground; Carl's math homework morphs into a superhero and runs away;and, sometimes, the characters cheekily draw us, their readers, into their adventures as well. Even the cartoon characters draw comics! One of the best sections in the book is a comic that Carl turns in as a creative writing assignment at school, only to be literally floored by the outcome.

A laugh riot, and a great peek into the inventive mind of its talented young creator - Keep 'em coming, Seth!

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