Author: Cara Elliott
ISBN: 9780446541299
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (Hachette Book Group)

Author Cara Elliott is a graduate of Yale University and now works in New York at a lifestyle sports magazine when she’s not penning historical romances. Her job allows her to travel, her favorite spot being London, where she enjoys used book stores and antique markets. Other titles include: To Surrender To A Rogue and To Tempt A Rake-- both coming later this year for this Circle of Sin series.

Lady Ciara Sheffield is disturbed by rumors that she poisoned her husband. As a widow, she was best known for her scientific scholarship before the rumors began. Now she needs a titled fiancé to quell the slanderous speculations threatening to send her to the gallows. Except the Earl of Hadley has been sharing the society pages with her. A sly rogue known for his ridiculous antics, Hadley also needs something from Ciara---A mysterious manuscript in his possession that needs deciphering. When they agree on a temporary alliance, the sparks fly. But with danger lurking through the mansions of Mayfair, they may need more than luck and love to see them through.

I found this to be a delightful beginning to what promises to be a wonderful series. This is the first book I’ve read from this author, and honestly historicals aren’t my favorite, but Cara Elliott writes with such elegance and wit that you immediately are drawn in. London as the setting was perfect for this story, and the old world feel leapt from the book. She has a knack for description and body language that makes the reader feel like they are right there in the pages with the characters. The secondary characters were delightful, some downright rueful, but I feel that what really shined was the dialog. The humor and bantering was just hilarious, and the heat between Hadley and Ciara was quite the tease. Nothing better than a misunderstood rakish hero, and a damsel heroine who doesn’t want to be rescued, distress or not. These two played off each other phenomenally. The mystery element of whodunit was clever, with enough twists and turns to shake ones head. I very much look forward to the other books in this series, coming in June 2010 and March 2011. Sexy, sassy, and sweet. What’s not to love!