Author: Dalton James
Publisher: Outskirts Press
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4560-8

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The Mudhogs is an adorable story with a life lesson that will appeal to young and old.

Written and illustrated by Dalton James, aged eight, The Mudhogs is about three little pigs who, unhappy with the lack of mud in their home, search the world over for the elusive missing ingredient in their lives.

Narrated by Fangs the tick that lives on Piggy’s leg, this highly imaginative story takes us from the barnyard where individual efforts fail to produce rain to make the mud, to town, states, and countries abroad as the three pigs continue their search.

Piggy called a meeting of the Mudhogs to try and fix the lack of mud problem. Each of the pigs decided they would try to do something to make it rain.

Piggy did an Indian rain dance.

He twirled…..Jumped…..Clapped….Kicked.

No rain.

The illustrations accompanying the story are simply delightful and filled with humor. Fangs the tick is ever present on the leg whenever there is an illustration of Piggy. With plays on words, comic strip action pictures to go with the words, this book is incredibly creative and most enjoyable. The ending will simply make you smile.

Dalton James is a bright and imaginative eight-year old who enjoys reading and writing books. The Mudhogs is Dalton’s third book that he has written and illustrated. He continues to make his parents and teachers very proud of his literary accomplishments.

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