Author: Jeffra A. Nicholson
ISBN: 0-7414-5177-8
Publisher: Infinity Publishing

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The Tao of Mia and Leo illustrates the journey of the human soul through one woman's transformation and the lessons taught by her adorable four legged feline companions. Jeffra Nicholson, along with her furry friends, opens up her door and welcomes readers to have a cup of tea, pull up a chair and stay awhile; with each page creating a lasting bond you never knew existed. Through musings, thought provoking questions and quotes the author invites the reader to look at her life as a model for one of the hardest tasks on earth: the struggle to realize your potential, follow your dreams and be the best you possible.

Through the comical and downright touching antics of her three feline “teachers” Nicholson illustrates the lessons to be learned through our pets if we would but slow down and pay attention. Nicholson's literary voice is witty, smart, and most importantly- honest. She avoids the 'preachy' style of some self help books and instead offers insightful commentary on her own journey, weaving together a reflective prose both heartfelt and dynamic. Anyone who has dared to look within will appreciate and applaud her courage to do so and share her journey with the world.

Aside from detailing the human journey, Nicholson pays special tribute to the wisdom of the creatures we share our homes and hearts with: our pets. “I believe the animals we bring into our lives are there by Divine appointment, and the lessons offered are ours to learn.” Do animals serve a greater purpose in our existence and growth? Nicholson makes a pretty good case, and it is almost guaranteed that readers will never look at their furry friends the same again.

The Tao of Mia and Leo is the story of friendship, life, loss, pain, hope, love and acceptance—the acceptance of others, but most importantly the acceptance of one's own humanness. This book is a reminder that it is ok to make mistakes, it is sometimes scary to change but when you do, often you are escorted lovingly by the hand out of the darkness and into the light by a supporting Universe. Anyone who is at a crossroads in their life should read this book. Anyone who has lost their way or is contemplating the first step to take- should read this book. No matter where one's soul is on the journey to enlightenment, everyone should read this book.

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