Author:  Don Cousins
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6808-7

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Everybody wants contentment, success and significance. We work hard and invest a lot trying to get them—and we often fail. But what if you didn’t have to fail. What if content, success and significance were possible? Don Cousins’ latest book, Unexplainable, says that it is, indeed, possible to achieve that kind of life. However, we won’t find them by doing what we have always done.

In Unexplainable, Cousins shows us how to have a life we never thought was possible. A life of unexplainable contentment, success and significance.  A life that is unexplainable apart from God.

In some ways, this book is Christianity 101, and the message is simple. Pray, read your bible, seek God and follow his ways. But Unexplainable is Christianity 101 on steroids. How do you follow God when your child dies? When your business fails or you lose your job? How do you seek God when your life turns out to be ordinary and unremarkable and disappointing? Don Cousins teaches us how to “pursue a life only God can make possible,” no matter how tough that life is. He doesn’t only tell us how to do it, though. By using stories and real life examples, he shows us. And that makes it doable.

Learning to live an unexplainable life requires what Cousins calls a “lifeshift,” a shift of focus from outward-to-inward to inward-to-outward. It is a huge paradigm shift and is easiest to accomplish within a community of like-minded people.

Unexplainable is designed for small group study. There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter that help the group process information together. You can supplement the book study with a companion video for a six-week study. The video has live interviews with people who actually live unexplainable lives, who are able to do things that demonstrate lives lived with God at the center.

This is an excellent book for those who want to grow deeper spiritual roots. Although designed for group study, it works well for individual study, perhaps using the discussion questions as a guide for journaling. Whether you do an individual or a group study, if you work through the book and apply it to your life, you can have the life you long for. You can have unexplainable contentment, success and significance—no matter what happens.

Click Here To Purchase Unexplainable: Pursuing a Life Only God Can Make Possible