Author:  Scott W. Dunlap
ISBN:  978-1-4327-4416-8

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Wow!  A book that was expressly written for me.  I guarantee you a great many readers out there will think that Mr. Dunlap knows our workplaces intimately and has been following us around during our daily grind, watching the piles of dung that are left behind by the higher echelon of executives for us middle managers to clean up.  Let me explain.  If you're a romantic at heart, you believe that Stephenie Meyer knows you to a T (although why you'd all want to date a dead guy, I'll never know.)  If you are an adventure lover, than Spielberg and Ford have given you movies to glom on to.  And if you are a trekkie, or wish to live in the world that is stippled with stars, not only do you have thousands of books, but you also get conventions where you can dress up to look like the strangest creation in the universe.  And here..with this book...there is finally a person in our universe who says, enough!  With his chapters he will not only explain why and how the excutives, on a daily basis, can leave the huge piles of dung right there on your desk, but he will also explain the strategies that us "lower ladder rung people" need to learn and understand in order to identify the various types of dung and how to clean it up to the best of our ability.
If you read any of my reviews, you will know that I live on sarcasm.  In fact, I believe that all truth in the universe can be found in the complete and utterly attractive brains of the people who use sarcasm to live their daily lives.  Because, frankly, without sarcasm we take ourselves too seriously and then we're in trouble.  We might as well all go into politics and be done with it.
The chapters of this book begin with the author's remembrances of his childhood in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, and tells of the wonderful, gas-inducing foods of the deep south.  This chapter is titled Poospiration and is, quite frankly, a stellar way to begin any story.  In fact, it tells of the underlying principle of life:  No matter how bad yours smells, someone elses' always smells worse.  And the ones who smell worse?  Yes, these are the ones who will become your boss someday.  The author also mentions politics and war.  Saltpeter was the primary ingredient in gunpowder that was needed during the wars that formed our country.  In the 1700's, the primary source of saltpeter was organic animal refuse.  Thereofre, during that time, there were actual poop collectors working for the government and military.  Now, as we all know, politicians and other government officials no longer need to collect the piles anymore; our politicians come already armed with their own  bags and bags of...poop.
The reader is also introduced to the rules of dung.  I won't tell you all of them, because you NEED to go out and buy this book and read it in the silence of your own home.  (Not only will your life be better for it - but you will have a fantastic conversation to bring up at the dinner parties of people you don't really like).  My favorite rule written in this book is #4.  "Dung beetles have to eat to live.  Put another way, if you find yourself always on the poop delivery side of the equation you will not survive...You have been exposed to executives and managers who seem to do nothing proactive or positive, and eventually move on..."  In other words the shelf life of the people who only "make" the dung is about thirty-six months - because you have to roll in it too.  Your hands can't stay clean if you want to keep your job.
Oh, and, of course, the one we all should live by:  "One person's 'dung' is another person's fertilizer."  Read this book.  It's like winning a free session with Sigmund Freud.

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