Author: Rebecca Wingard-Nelson
Publisher: Enlsow Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-7660-3142-5

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I Can Count Money is an ingeniously designed book that effectively teaches young children how to count coins and paper currency. Using fun and colorful full-page photo illustrations, this friendly and yet authoritative book builds on concepts making sure that the reader fully understands each new topic.

Let’s face it, counting and identifying money is not intuitive and many youngsters trip up on the concepts of combining the values of coins and bills. In I Can Count Money, the readers are moved from the basic concepts of money – what each coin represents and how to count multiples of each coin – to more advanced topics like counting the most valuable coins first when figuring out the value of different kinds of coins.

Also covered is how to count up to make an amount. What coins do you use to make 76 cents is one example. The book adroitly takes you through the stages of figuring out how many quarters you would need and then moves on to why or why not you would use additional coins.

Using full size picture of actual coins, the instruction progresses to counting amounts over one dollar. Counting bills is then discussed and finally counting a combination of dollars and coins is covered.

Additional tools include free worksheets you can download for more practice along with a review of concepts, further reading, internet addresses and an index. Teachers will also appreciate that this book backs the Nault-2 and Core Knowledge Standards.

Rebecca Wingard-Nelson has worked in public, private, and home-schooled mathematics education. She has been involved in various education math projects, including developing and writing state assessment tests, exit exams, and proficiency tests, as well as writing and editing textbooks and workbooks.

Click Here To Purchase I Can Count Money (I Like Money Math!)