Author: David Barker
ISBN: 978-1-934938-81-2
Publisher: Langdon Street Press

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A heretic is someone whose opinions are controversial and who publicly dissents from the officially accepted opinion or doctrine. This person’s opinions are often considered controversial and unorthodox. Enter Religious Police Captain Robert Shelmo whose job it is to hunt down these heretics and stop them from spreading lies and misinformation and confusing people. But, this particular hunt, for Professor Timothy Reuther, proves more life changing than he would ever expect. This brings me to my review of a very profound and thought provoking book The Heretic: A Mystical Parable by David Barker.

A parable is defined as a short story that is written to illustrate religious or ethical points. In this book there are many points and moral events. What this author has questioned is not only one man’s belief in God and his quest to find the path his wife has taken into the afterlife but the reasons behind why these events were occurring and how people coexisted in these dimension. The story begins with the search for Dr. Timothy Reuter and what happens will forever change the way you think about our world and more.

The author describes the different multi dimensional worlds and how they differ and are interrelated and woven into this story. The author describes and tells that there are many dimensions. There is a hierarchy of dimensions. The third dimension, where the story begins introduces the entities or people in the lowest dimension. In this third dimension people sort of accept things and do not question or try to find the reasons behind things such as the catastrophes that befall them in that lowest dimension. Not until they reach the fourth dimension would they deal with understanding in the fifth an entity would learn to conceptualize ideas and events. In the 6th your mind would begin or start to form patterns based on what you learned in the 4th and 5th dimensions. In the 7th people will learn to share the information they have gathered. However, in the 8th that is where the rules and regulations are decided. The Council of Orders rules each of these dimensions, living in the 8th dimension.

No matter where you go or what you do in every government agency or organization there is red tape or paperwork. In each dimension in order to be allowed to enter the entity, the guards or anyone needs to fill out the proper paperwork. It seems in this world created by this ingenious author nothing is really different from our world today. Bureaucracy exists everywhere even in the society described by our author.  Rules are to be followed and if not consequences and punishments are given but in a unique way that would change the legal system in our country today. There are even long lines when waiting to be assesses for where you will go in the afterlife or if you want entrance into a different dimension. Long lines, paperwork and rules and regulations follow you even in this world created by our David Barker.

The government was after Dr. Timothy because he went to another dimension. It was the method he used to get to this dimension and how multi dimensional travels that was the impetus or reason behind the government wanting to abduct him and force him to work as a slave in the Deep Labs. With the help some scientists and undercover agents he was warned and managed to escape. The main purpose of there wanting to find Timothy Reuter is to learn the knowledge that the ancient temples contained on how to survive. It was Timothy Reuter who they feel would be the one to help translate and understand the purpose that they were intended for.

Eve the stepdaughter of the professor, Frank the dual agent, Merriweather another dual agent, Dan a student and Tom the captain of the Religious Police and Melane whose parents died working in the Deep Labs, form an unusual bond in order to seek the truth and the path his wife took into the hereafter. Where is this after life and who is able to enter you will have to read for yourself.

Dr. Timothy was the one who could predict when these catastrophes would occur and he was the only one who deciphers the ancient writings. It is a world comprised of rankings and social class. It described in many of the events as survival of the fittest and who is allowed to live and where. It is filled with characters whose thoughts about God and the Creation you will have decide whether you agree with or not. It is filled with those whose beliefs might be different than yours. It is a story of many related events all leading up to an ending in the last chapter that will make you smile and realize that there is justice for those who are greedy and selfish. Corporate America is not exempt from punishment.

But, what happens as a result to all of the entities in this book will surprise, astound and cause you to rethink what your views about God, the creation and the survival of man are and how these different dimensions are no different than the those that exist in countries that have their own caste systems today. Added to that they have an original way of dealing with infractions of the laws and the many types of committees that the author describes to handle different types of grievances as they are called. 

This book will give the reader a new and different take on the legal system and the workings behind it. It will give you a view of what happens when someone in corporate America is brought on the carpet and the result will surprise you. Is Timothy really a heretic? What about Eve, Dan and the rest? What does Tom the head of the Religious Police really believe? Go to the last word on the last page of the story and you decide who believes in God and who does not.

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