Author: Joel DiGirolamo
Publisher: Prana Power
ISBN: 978-0-9770884-6-1

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Have you ever thought of practicing yoga, but never seem to have enough time for it or perhaps you feel it is too difficult? Joel DiGirolamo has come up with an excellent book, Yoga in no time at all where you can practice yoga in your daily life and may prompt you to come aboard the yoga train.

DiGirolamo has been practicing yoga for many years and has mastered various yoga poses using as his guidance Selvarajan Yesudian and Elisabeth Haich's book Yoga and Health, which he discovered at the age of twelve. In 2005 he began an Astanga (Ashtanga) Yoga practice in a classroom setting and currently teaches beginning Astanga Yoga students.

What is interesting about this book is that DiGirolamo has created many postures that can easily be performed while you are doing other activities. These are divided up into various environments such as the bathroom, bedroom, work, driving, shopping and elsewhere. You are probably saying that yoga to be performed properly must carried out on a mat. DiGirolamo wholeheartedly agrees with this, however, the problem is that initially most people don't have the desire to begin yoga. Consequently, as he points out, the objective of this book is to meet people where they are busy in their lives in order to introduce them to yoga with the hope that their lives will be improved in some measure, and perhaps even eventually get them onto a yoga mat.

DiGirolamo believes that Hatha Yoga, one of the many varieties and one that is followed in this book, will bring many benefits as it incorporates three important elements for our physical health, flexibility, strength and balance. As he states, “it is considered to be a practice of both breath and postures, or asanas.” In the book he uses the Sanskrit word “asana” and the English words “pose” and “posture” interchangeably.

Yoga in no time at all is extremely well-organized and the exercises are very effective and simple to follow. Each of the suggested poses include the following: time required, benefit, difficulty, muscles awakened, description, traditional asanas, variations and acknowledgment. All of the poses are illustrated with first-class black-and-white photos that illustrate how effortlessly you can incorporate these into your daily routines. For example, if you refer to your bathroom environment, you can follow various poses while brushing your teeth, in the shower or drying yourself with a towel. I have tried some of DiGirolamo's suggestions, and yes, they have been very encouraging in cutting down my muscle stiffness, particularly early in the day. Even in the car and particularly at my computer, the exercises are proving to be invaluable for neck flexibility.

The book ends with a useful table of difficulty levels and time of each of the poses and these are divided into three sections, no time at all, less than three minutes, three to five minutes. The difficulty of the poses are, likewise, enumerated ranging from one to five. There is also a list of references, a glossary of anatomical parts and an index.

Learning yoga is a satisfying project and this book could supply the incentives needed to get started.

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