Author: Lisa A. Shiel
Publisher: Slipdown Mountain Publications LLC
ISBN: 978-1-934631-30-0 (Paperback)

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In her new book, The Evolution Conspiracy, Lisa Shiel delivers a blistering indictment of not only evolutionary theory but of the scientific community that perpetrates what she labels a myth. Starting with the origin concepts of primordial soup and the big bang theory, Lisa delivers a chapter by chapter blow challenging all the loose ends that occupy the theories of evolution. "Are we to believe that each of us can trace our ancestry back to single-celled bacteria? Are we really related to flowers, grass, yeast, and the Ebola virus?" With questions like this, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the theory, it does give one reason to pause and question some of the basic spoon-fed assumptions most of us have.

Now why would such a myth be perpetrated by countless scientists over numerous years. Lisa answers that question with the same answer that plagues all other fields of discovery and that is for recognition, fame and monetary benefit. Her indictment of the entire scientific community associated with the theory of evolution most likely will find one of two responses by those being criticized - either silence in the hopes that it will quietly go away or an open attack on the ludicrousness of the author's naive foray into the world of difficult to grasp concepts for the untrained. In fact, Lisa seems to assume the latter outcome in various quips throughout the book. I suspect she is right in that regard.

It's rather fitting that this book finds its light shortly after the 400th anniversary of the birth of modern astronomy - a truly revolutionary set of discoveries that changed the way that we view the world. From Galileo's discovered of shadows on the moon and orbiting moons of Jupiter to the realization by Kepler that the planets do in fact elliptically orbit around the sun, scientists have always labored to separate myth from reality. In so doing, they have many times been at odds with the popular thought of the day - a fact that has resulted in their personal pain at the mercy of those in authority at the time. In fact, the idea of independent thinking and thoughtful pursuit of the facts through the use of the scientific method is what the Western World so covets. It is this that Lisa argues has been turned upside down with respect to evolutionary theory where the few facts that we have do not necessarily support the theories that are purported.

I have no doubt that personal desires are intertwined with scientific discovery - that has probably always been the case with most. To assume it doesn't happen would be rather naive. But to indict the whole community and to dismiss what evidence that does exist seems a bit extreme as well. A more reasoned approach might be that yes, there are holes in the theory and more evidence needs to surface as well as more precise tools to use in our interpretations. Indeed, to present the present evolutionary theory as a fact is probably excessive, but to dismiss it completely is equally invalid. Science is, and always has been, hypothesis creation followed by a gradual progression of fact gathering and eventual experimentation that leads one to certain conclusions. In most cases, it is a repetitive process that seems to never end. Along the way, facts are ascertained, but they are only true as long as no other fact surfaces that calls the conclusions into question. Could it be that in this long road of evolutionary thought, the observable facts are so discreet and spread out over such a long period of time that it will take many more decades or even millenniums to accumulate a body of knowledge that will finally provide a coherent theory that can be agreed to?

No matter what your thoughts are on evolution or creation, The Evolution Conspiracy offers a rare glimpse into a series of real problems that exists with current evolutionary thought. It justifiable questions the conclusions and exposes the many contradictions that exist in the evolutionary theory and for that reason I give it a thumbs up and applaud Lisa Shiels effort in this endeavor.

Click Here To Purchase The Evolution Conspiracy: Exposing Life's Inexplicable Origins & the Cult of Darwin