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    Peter Bowerman, author of The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living discusses self-publishing pitfalls

    Peter Bowerman, author of The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living makes some very interesting comments about bogus reviews

    So, you have a killer plotline idea that you’re confident will sell a million books You may even have a title that will jump off the front cover and grab the attention of anyone who sees it

    What do these books have in common: Eragon…The Celestine Prophecy…Joy of Cooking…South Beach Diet…Worms Eat My Garbage…The Read-Aloud Handbook?

    A large part of social networking is the grouping of individuals into a particular group of interest. People join websites like Facebook and MySpace to find people of similar interests. All social networking websites allow users to connect to each other via buttons and groups. The more friends you have on these websites, the bigger your network is.

    Of all the article marketing tips I could give you, writing articles for free advertising online is likely the most beneficial to you if you currently spend money on advertising your website There are several reasons for this, but the major reasons why article writing can bring you better results than expensive pay per click (PPC) adverts or taking a chance with reciprocal links are detailed below

    Author Eva Etzioni- Halevy discusses listening to the women in the bible and how it has influenced her writing

     Peter Bowerman, author of The Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living discusses if your book is viable

    You’re doing everything right; you’ve studied under the experts, you’ve been reading about writing, you network with the right people and you’ve put time in the trenches. You are a writer. What can possibly go wrong? In a word: plenty.

    The success of your book depends on your willingness to promote it. Following are ten ideas that will surely get the customers’ attention

    First-time authors are eager to see their books in print. I know this. I’ve been there and I’ve made mistakes. As authors, we work long and hard on our projects. The last thing we want to deal with after finishing a manuscript is the learning curve. But the alternative can most certainly lead to failure.

    Author Vera Jane Cook Shares With Us Her Thoughts About The Brave New World of Self-Publishing

    The act of writing poetry is something that is very personal to us poets, and sharing it for the first time can be a very frightening experience The first experience of having your work criticized can boggle your mind and set you back a step in your writing

    Michael Volkin Discusses Selling More Books By Using Twitter Hashtags

    "Writers Are Troublemakers, Too"

    " ...And I don’t need a single book to teach me how to read

    Who needs stupid books? They are for petty crooks..."

    ("Troublemaker," lyrics by Rivers Cuomo. From Weezer’s self-titled 2008 album)


    Want to Get FREE Publicity for Your Books? Try Pitch Rate

    The "blurb" is the back cover material for your book --- the selling points that will get people to buy the book If you write the blurb before you write an outline, you're guaranteed not to wander off the track as you write your book

    Many aspiring book writers yearn to get a literary agent for representation Literary agents have become valuable to getting books published

    You're ready to publish your first book You want to find the best publisher

    These fiery hot topics are on the rise You can pull any one of these to use for your book

    Groups of people willing to buy nonfiction books include hobbyists At any given time, these people look for ways to spend their money on their hobbies

    Finding an agent/ publisher is the first step to selling your book proposal However, even after you've sold your book proposal, you'll want to stay current with agent and publisher news to sell your next proposal, and the one after that

    These days more people are flocking to purchase self-help books Self-help books are leaping off shelves at brick and mortar book stores and online stores

    Fantasy novels are the most exciting stories to write Writing fantasy gives the author so much freedom about every character and event of the story

    A book publishing agreement is a document or contract that a writer signs with a publisher before their work can be put into print and distributed in different media Getting such a book contract is probably on every author's wish list

    The hardest part as a book author may not be the writing, nor book marketing or finding a book publisher Negotiating with a publisher also may not be as difficult -- that is, if you educate yourself about what is rightfully yours as the creator of the work

    A survey cited by "The Wall Street Journal" says that a person who surfs the book store actually spends more time looking at the front book cover before he reads the back cover Yes, you got it right

    In writing fiction or non-fiction, many writers commit common mistakes as they build their stories Achieving the right balance between developing strong characters and a believable plot is sometimes difficult

    Issues on copyright are hot topics in the creative world From movies, to music, and authorship, people have been disputing the legal concept of copyright

    Writing is a fruitful and fulfilling endeavor The downside is you may find it difficult to get your book published

    Your book's content is vital to your book's success Readers don't buy books because the front covers entice them

    Book topics of special interest to women The facts don't lie

    Selecting a hot topic for a book is so easy People are hungry for information, and people are buying books and e-books to feed their hunger

    Fiction and non-fiction have been compared tirelessly throughout the years Because each genre has its own pros and cons, people often debate about which writing style is easier or more practical

    Book editing can be a grueling, boring process If you are not used to critiquing your own work, then you may pass over errors without realizing it

    Start by visiting some large bookstores Take your notebook and a pen

    There's nothing mysterious about coming up with ideas for your book Within a page or two, you'll have more ideas than you know what to do with

    Research is time-consuming and hard work; however, this phase in writing is essential to write a book that readers will find believable and original As long as you know where to start and what you want to achieve with your work, then research shouldn't be a problem

    What did the women of the Bible look like? Did they cover their hair? Did they cover their faces with veils?

    Excuse Me, Are You a Literary Agent?

    Maybe it’s not so odd that dogs appear in all my books. I grew up with them. They fold into the fabric of my youth like my Aunt Kitty and my Uncle Jack. Memory images squared off in black and white. Color came later, with my Shih Tzu, Charlie. 

    Phyllis Zimbler Miller shares her sage thoughts!

    Short story structure demands that you abandon all ideas of forming your own brand of storytelling The rules are very simple: comply to the form that sells, or you don't sell

    How do you write about personal topics? How you motivate people with your articles?

    When developing a story or article, aspiring authors often hear this writing tip: learn to incorporate the "who," "when," "where," and "how" But what often gets overlooked is the "why?"

    Characters can make or break your fiction It’s imperative that you people your story world with characters who feel real

    You want to write a book You have a great idea for a story, yet when you sit down at your computer you stare blankly at the screen wondering why your story doesn’t come pouring out of your fingers

    When you're writing an article, it's very tempting to simply jump write into your word processor and start pounding the keys. However, crafting copy this way can lead to copy that is weak, overly complicated, or takes too long to produce. In order to maximize your articles potential and minimize the time you spend on the article, it's best to formulate your plan ahead of time. One of the most tried and tested means to do so is the simple, yet effective, outline.

    A copywriter is different from other writers We don’t just describe, we excite, inspire and motivate people to find out more about your business, and ultimately, to hire you

    SEO experts and internet marketing professionals know that the key to online business success is great content on your website Your website is the first, and maybe the only, chance to make an impression on potential customers, so it has to have great content

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