Do You Need A Quick Review Of Your Book?


Due to the high demand for book reviews, Bookpleasures is only able to review a limited number of review requests.

Consequently,  Norm Goldman,  Editor & Publisher of Bookpleasures has decided to offer a  PRIORITY, FAST TRACK & QUICK REVIEW SERVICE  for those of you who wish to have an expedited professionally written review of your book with extensive Internet coverage. 

The cost for this service is $119US payable either via Paypal or an International Money Postal Order. If you pay via Paypal, I will invoice you, once I receive the book.This fee is for my quick reader's service and for the extra  publicity you receive from this service (See below). Please note that this does not guaranty a favorable review as I have to be honest with bookpleasures' readers.

Norm's Priority, Fast Track & Quick Review Service not only provides you with a review of your book within 15 business days of receipt of your book, but also some extensive exposure across the web resulting in thousands of people reading the review. Moreover, receiving a professional review of your book lends credibility to the title and yourself as an author.


The review will also be cross linked to an E- INTERVIEW with the author. Author interviews that accompany a book review can be very powerful. Just give it some thought. Readers who have just completed reading a review now have the opportunity to read what makes the author tick. The author is no longer anonymous and as a result the reader can now become more involved with the narrative or a non-fiction exposé. 


The review will receive extensive coverage and it will be posted on:



On The Following Sites


* (Ranked in the top 15% for Linkedin  profile views among my connections )


*Facebook Passion For Books

* Facebook All Things Books

* Facebook Amazon Books

*There will also be links to: Norm's Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Digg and Google+ pages and some other sites.

* To post the review on Amazon, you will need to contact an Amazon representative directly.
You are free to add an Editorial Review on your Amazon Author's Page.


***A link to your own site (if you have one).

***Photo images of the book's cover and the author

***Authors, publicists or publishers are free to excerpt the review or reprint it in whole as part of any promotional or marketing material, whether print or online, provided credit for the review is given to Many of our reviews have been quoted in various publications and have been used as blurbs. Book reviews can serve as a powerful marketing tool for you and can be used anywhere you wish.

>>>Please note that the cost of the review, interview and other goodies is $119.00US funds payable by Paypal or an International Money Postal Order made out to Norm Goldman.

***  After Norm consents to review your book, you can mail Norm along with the book an International Postal Money Order or US BANK DRAFT NEGOTIABLE IN CANADA made out to Norm Goldman.

****  If your prefer, payment may also be made by Paypal. Norm will send you a Paypal invoice.

***Here is what has to say about the service:

"I have used this site to obtain reviews, and found the editor Norm Goldman to be one of the real pros in the business.  He genuinely cares about books in general, and does his homework.  If he doesn’t think he can find a reviewer interested in your book, he’ll be honest with you.  He’ll often ask to see an excerpt first before accepting a book for review, even if you use his express review service. 

 His is one of the few sites I would encourage authors to take
advantage of the fee-based service.  While using the express service does not guarantee you a good review, it includes an author interview.  Goldman promotes his author interviews on a wide range of sites, thus extending the reach and potential publicity."

Follow Here to read what one author who is published over 50 books has to say about Norm.


  • Do I have to pay the above fees if I do not choose the FAST TRACK, PRIORITY AND QUICK REVIEW SERVICE?

    No. I or another one of Bookpleasures' reviewers will review books of most genre as long as you email me the title of your book and its genre. If you have a website, please indicate.
    However, it will be placed in a waiting line for review.  Refer to  BOOKPLEASURES' SUBMISSION GUIDELINES for more information.

  •    Does purchase of the FastTrack Service guarantee a favorable review?
    No. I have an excellent reputation to uphold and as a professional I do not want to compromise my integrity by posting false reviews. Furthermore, I have an obligation to my readership to provide honest reviews.

  • What genres would you accept for express reviews or regular reviews?
    Almost most genres.

  • Will anyone know I have purchased an express review? No, this will not appear anywhere unless you tell them.

  •  How long will it take to have my book reviewed if I do not choose the express review?

    It generally takes about 2-3 months to have a book reviewed, however, there are times when I have a very huge backlog of books and the review may even take as long as 5-6 months. Unfortunately, we can only review a limited number  of books.


Please send me an  Email ( with the author's name, Book Title, Genre, Publisher's Name, and a very brief summary of your book and I will get back to you if I agree to review your book.

Please note that I do not review any and all books.

Please do not submit a book for review that has not been edited by a qualified and competent editor.

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