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Reviewer John Walsh Ph.D is a Professor at Shinawatra International University

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Authors: Patricia Annino, Thomas Davidow and Cynthia Adams Harrison with Lisbeth Davidow.

This slim volume (just 150 small pages with plenty of white space) is divided into eight principal sections, each one devoted to the issues facing women in a particular relationship role – wife, mother, daughter, sister, stepmother, widow, sister-in-law and daughter-in-law. Each section identifies a few issues that a woman in that relationship might face with respect to a family business owned and run by one or more male relatives and provides some ideas for solutions.

Author: Darwin Gillett

ISBN: 1605201189

There are a large number of books which offer pretty much the same thing and so it is necessary to consider whether this one is any better than the competition. Gillett has assembled a coherent narrative drawing together a wide range of examples and sliced into the various short sections that conventionally facilitate self-study.

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