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Reviewer Donna Linn has worked as a writer, educator and professional interviewer for over 25 years.   She has extensive writing experience in print, public relations, broadcast and corporate communications, and is the Founder and CEO of  As the host of the Uncommon Story, Donna interviews the non famous to celebrity, including authors, experts and business leaders, with significant coverage given to the arts and entertainment.  She has degrees in Print and Broadcast Journalism and a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) in Communication Arts.  Donna has taught writing and communications at the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis, and is the recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Department of Education at Webster University.

 Articles by this Author

Author: Stephen J. Cannell
ISBN: 13: 978-0-312-36628-5:   10: 0-312-36628-0
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Don’t expect to put it down after a couple of chapters, because once you get into this spine chiller you’ll want to read it start to finish. I was hooked from chapter one, kept on going through chapter 33 and couldn’t stop reading until the last dragon was slain!

Author: Brian Tracy
ISBN:  13: 978-0-8144-1346-3
ISBN:  10: 0-8144-1346-3
PUBLISHER:  AMACOM- American Management Association

Reinvention, How to Make the Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life, by Brian Tracy, is an excellent guidebook for anyone seeking a fresh start, personal fulfillment and ongoing professional success.  Brian Tracy is an internationally known motivator and the best-selling author of over 40 books, including Maximum Achievement, Advanced Selling Strategies, The Power of Charm, Create Your Own Future, Focal Point and Eat That Frog.

Author:  James J. Laski
ISBN:   978-1-4343-6279-7
ISBN:   978-1-4343-6280-3
Publisher:  Author House

In My Fall From Grace, City Hall to Prison Walls, James Laski blows the lid off in what he refers to as “nasty Chicago politics” in this comprehensive account of his rise from the second highest elected position as city clerk to his incarceration in the infamous “Hired Truck” program scandal.

Author:  Robert Rubright

ISBN: 9780979594465

Publisher:  RO Press, St. Louis, MO.

In an era of pop food culture where trendy restaurants come and go, it was delightful reading Breakfast, Lunch and Diner by humorist and cultural historian, Robert Rubright.  Packed with humor and behind-the-scenes anecdotes, Breakfast, Lunch and Diner is a premier guidebook to 84 distinctive or otherwise undiscovered St. Louis and out-of-state breakfast joints, lunch spots and a handful of diners.  Instead of the traditional book on culinary fare, Rubright concentrates instead on lore and stories that encase a restaurant and shape its unique persona.

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