Richard Mandrachio

Reviewer Richard Mandrachio is a member of the Northern California Book Reviewers and participates in its annual selection of the NCBA Awards.  He has written reviews for the San Francisco Chronicle, Poetry Flash and Wavelengths Online.


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Author: Christopher Nosnibor

ISBN: 13: 978-0955693908

Publisher: Clinicality Press 


Personally, I believe that Nosnibor poses a question:  can humanity sufficiently evolve to overcome its transformation into a total industrial dystopia or is it already too late?  The author even appears to suggest the possibility of a solution or some sort of positive human evolution with lines like:  “Desiring machines freed from the body without organs roaming spiraling dancing through space time motion light speed stars moons slivers away.  Going there.”  Perhaps this book is meant to be taken as a flashback from some futuristic time.  At the very least, one can appreciate the inspired lyricism of it all.


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