Julie Coan

Julie Coan has been a writer and educator for more than twenty years. She has just released her novel-writing system as an ebook: Write Your Way to a Million Dollars. Her unique strategies will show you the best ways to write, publish, and market your novel. You Can Write a Successful Novel

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Novel writing is easy if you follow these few simple tips I hear writers groan all the time about how difficult writing a novel is

There are many writers that say that you don’t need to plan before you write a novel They say that the novel will just grow as they write

Every writer wants to write a great novel, but not every writer knows the secret that can make the difference between a successful novel and a failure

Have You Made this Mistake When Writing a Novel?

When you get the idea to write a novel, it seems to just jump into your head. You have an “Aha!” moment; a brilliant moment of inspiration. You can see the entire novel played out in your head. Now all you have to do is write it down on paper

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