Michael Volkin

Michael Volkin is the author of several successful books in numerous genres.  His breakthrough book is entitled The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook, a best-selling book that prepares recruits for military basic training.
Michael is a marketing specialist and social networking expert.  He has a dual Bachelor's degree and Master's degree.
His latest book, Social Networking for Authors-Untapped Possibilities for Wealth is the easiest and most comprehensive resource for authors to unlock the revenue potential their book deserves. In addition to being in the Army Reserves, Michael works as a Real Estate Broker in California. You can find out more about Michael on his WEBSITE


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A large part of social networking is the grouping of individuals into a particular group of interest. People join websites like Facebook and MySpace to find people of similar interests. All social networking websites allow users to connect to each other via buttons and groups. The more friends you have on these websites, the bigger your network is.

Michael Volkin Discusses Selling More Books By Using Twitter Hashtags

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