Patricia Fry

Patricia Fry is the author of 29 books including The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book (Matilija Press), A Writer’s Guide to Magazine Articles and The Successful Writer’s Handbook. Patricia is also the executive director of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network):  
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 Articles by this Author

You’re doing everything right; you’ve studied under the experts, you’ve been reading about writing, you network with the right people and you’ve put time in the trenches. You are a writer. What can possibly go wrong? In a word: plenty.

The success of your book depends on your willingness to promote it. Following are ten ideas that will surely get the customers’ attention

First-time authors are eager to see their books in print. I know this. I’ve been there and I’ve made mistakes. As authors, we work long and hard on our projects. The last thing we want to deal with after finishing a manuscript is the learning curve. But the alternative can most certainly lead to failure.

Are you a working writer? Do you have strong time management and marketing skills? Can you find enough work to support your writing habit? Would you like to make even more money? Of course you would. And you can! All you need is an awareness of the vast opportunities out there for writers and the willingness to stretch and grow.

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