Anthony Squiers

Reviewer Anthony Squiers: Anthony is a writer and literary critic. His debut novel, Madness and Insanity will be released in the fall 2009. Anthony is also pursuing a Ph.D. in political theory from Western Michigan University . His research interest is in the social/political thought of Bertolt Brecht. Click Here to read more of Anthony's archived reviews.

 Articles by this Author

Author: Michael Loyd Gray

Publisher: Three Towers Press

ISBN-10: 1595981578

ISBN-13: 978-1595981578

Author: Gary Cialdella
ISBN:-10: 0252034562
Publisher: University of Illinois Press

Regardless of a few minimal shortcomings, the images in this collection are provocative without being overstated

Author:Michael Lloyd Gray
Publisher: Sol Books
ASIN: BOOl806L80

The infiltration of war into the daily lives of Americans which was experienced during the Vietnam War is, in many ways, an ideal backdrop to explore the theme of justice.

Author: Susan Jacoby
ISBN: 10:1400096383: 13: 9781400096381
Publisher: Vintage (Reprint Edition)

One does not have to be particularly attentive to current events or even life for that matter to notice that The United States and the American people have undergone some rather fundamental changes in recent years. Many, who have documented these changes, trace their origins to one fateful brisk morning which would spur an economic downturn and cost the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Author: Patrick Miles
ISBN:10: 1843919001:   13:9781843919001
Publisher: Hesperus Press

There is a current trend in America where former celebrities who have been forgotten (usually for just cause) are being resurrected from the celebrity dead. This is, of course, thanks to those unimaginative bastards, the stewards of our popular culture, the directors of television programming. Such figures as Hulk Hogan, Bret Michaels and the ‘Two Coreys’ are just a few examples of the cultural living dead. With so many instances of former celebrities again becoming popular it is quite legitimate to ask the question, “Does this person have any relevancy to current society?”

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