Author: Omar Rosales            
Publisher: Llewellyn WorldwidePublications
ISBN: 978-0-7387-1501-8

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Omar Rosales, author of Elemental Shaman: One Man's Journey Into the Heart of Humanity, Spirituality & Ecology is an attorney by schooling (undergraduate in anthropology from Vanderbuilt University and graduate of the University of Texas, School of Law---inside book cover) and former Marine Corp. Captain. Travel destinations in this book are wonderfully educational, absolutely awe-inspiring, and truly transit the globe. For a pictorial journey of Mr. Rosales trek you can log on to his website.

This book is divided into the four elements and four specific locations in search of them: fire, earth, water, and air. Mr. Rosales begins his journey with a Toltec Shaman, near the border of the USA and Mexico. This trip was precipitated in order that he might help his ailing mother with what appears to be some bad magic that is making her physically ill.  The Toltec healer and Shaman Mr. Rosales met there used a combination of laying on hands, music, and trances. Many people had gathered for this healing help as you might expect. These methods help channel good (never bad) energy/spirits toward the ailing person to remove their ailment and provide instruction on what to do afterward. This Shaman did help Mr. Rosales mother and also told Mr. Rosales (2009, p.8-9) that he [Mr. Rosales] was on a journey that at times may not be evident nor easy, but he would be able to accomplish it if he looked inside himself.

The second healer was a Cherokee Spiritwalker -Shaman in Sedona, Arizona. His element was the earth and specialization was soul retrieval. Sedona is known to have four vortexes (Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, and Boynton Canyon) that help to conduct energy and increase paranormal sensory perception. Vortexes can be negative, positive, or neutral according to Rosales. (2009, p.52) The effects of these vortexes vary between grounded, uplifting, and calm. Native Americans, like this Spiritwalking Shaman Rosales visits in Sedona, believe that souls are comprised of many pieces and sometimes those pieces are lost or fragmented because of life’s experiences. (2009, p.27) Mr. Rosales was found to have five pieces missing from his soul and this Spiritwalker-Shaman helped him to collect them and taught him to welcome those fragmented pieces back home.  Here Mr. Rosales also experiences some revealing dreams that lead him on more journies.

Leg three of this journey is near water. Mr. Rosales goes to Central America [Guatemala] to find the “Madre Luna” or Mother Moon from his dreams. Here he learns the various Maya calendar, astronomy, baktuns, and how they fit into contemporary life.   Mr. Rosales plans his adventures well and always seeks the guidance of a local guide. On this trip he understands how Shamans communicate via dreams and feels he has been touched by such ministrations. (2009, p.89) Mr. Rosales visits many Maya churchs, pagan markets, and finds his Mother Moon at Lake Atitlan. He makes many visits to her and she thoughtfully answers many lingering questions for him. She is also a healer and has been blessed with this gift since childhood.  Mother Moon uses candles to aid her in her healing quest. These candles represent all directions [north, south, east, west] as well as depicting what each direction represents for the people she heals. (2009, p.181) She provides Mr. Rosales with much sage advice and points him in his last direction for seeking the information he wishes to understand and communicate to the rest of us.

The last portion of this journey is advice from the Buddhist Master in Bhutan and is air. Mr. Rosales has had some dreams that he made sketches from in hopes of finding the right path to learn the answers to his questions. Buddhism hinges on respect for all things large and small, the journey you make in life that should be limited to “escape from suffering” and achievement of happiness, and how Karma resonates. (2009, p.190) There are also three realms that people/spirits pass through via reincarnation. There are many symbols that are part of Buddhist rituals. Mr. Rosales visits many monasteries while in Bhutan and even gets to question the top religious leader in this land, the Manchen Lopon. Here he [Mr. Rosales] learns the four lessons in life: “life is about suffering, suffering comes from attachment, suffering can be ended, and transcendence comes from the middle or moderation.” (2009, p.242) This wise man also said that “only through wisdom will humans survive.” (p.245) Furthermore, “the key to peace is having inner peace, and the key to peace is love.” (p.249)

I recommend this book to everyone who has wondered about our life here on earth and the hereafter. Thank you Omar Rosales for a great read! 

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