Author: Jewel Kats.

ISBN: 978 1615991754

Publisher: Loving Healing Press.

The snow is falling hard and the world is covered in a white blanket as one young child knows on the door of a palace hoping to take refuge from the snow. Chimes sound, the door is opened and the King and his new queen come face to face with a precious little girl holding a small black pouch. Although she is safe and warm inside the walls of this palace she is unable to communicate with the adults. The King looks are her long and hard and is overcome when he realizes that she is his long lost daughter. But, the new queen refuses to believe that she is a princess and relays her message to the king by calling her names. Sitting at the dinner table the little girl was quite and unresponsive. At times she would twirl and play with the rocks in her pouch.

Not wanting to be understanding or realize that this young child had a special disability the Queen continued her rants and raves about her not being a real princess and was determined to prove it to the King. Trying to demean her rock collection the King counteracts her words. But, why not make her realize that she is being mean and unfair to this precious little girl? Wanting to prove herself right she decides to test the child. With the help of the royal butler they set out to prove she is a fake. Her special royal ruby was the bait and placing it under a pile of mattresses to see if she could feel it was the true test of a real princess. Piling them high and hoping the little princess would not feel the red ruby what happens will definitely surprise the Queen but will it be enough to be kind to her stepdaughter? The rock collection is very dear to the little girl and whenever she wants to feel safe she take them out and plays with them.

When the Queen searches the mattresses for the ruby she receives an unexpected surprise and what she does not will definitely remind readers that sometimes lessons are learned in different ways. The young princess is Autistic and has difficulty communicating with others. The definition is: “Autism is a spectrum disorder, meaning that there is a wide degree of variation in the way it affects people. Every child on the autism spectrum has unique abilities, symptoms, and challenges.

Learning about the different autism spectrum disorders will help you better understand your own child, get a handle on what all the different autism terms mean, and make it easier to communicate with the doctors, teachers, and therapists helping your child.

Autism awareness is vital and understanding that these children are highly intelligent, can learn and will be able to communicate with others with the right teachers, doctors and support from their family will enlighten readers to the importance of sharing this book with school, doctors, guidance counselors, young children and parents. Just what happens when the Queen realizes the truth about the Princess? Will she understand that she is special even though she has trouble communicating with others? Will she embrace her as a true member of her family? Once again author Jewel Kats and illustrator Richa Kinra Arts bring a story to light that will have a great impact on everyone that reads it. The pictures are so lifelike and the colors are vibrant that they tell the story in their own way as you see the faces of each character and their emotional responses to each other.

The Princess and the Ruby: An Autism Fairy Tale has many more chapters that can be written and more stories about other young children that can be told. Will the author bring our princess back and show the progress that she can make with the right help? Will she create more stories about children with Autism? This is just the beginning and what a powerful start.

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