Author: B. Pine

Publisher: Silver Leaf Books, LLC
ISBN: Print: 978-1-60975-051-0; eBook: 978-1-60975-052-7

This is the third book in the Draca Ward Series penned by B. Pine. After a promising second book the expectations from this book were definitely high.

The children are growing and so are their issues so this book is laced with lots of heart breaks, duels and politics. Teenage is the time to see world through new eyes and the writer weaves a very real world. The children characters are shown jostling for attention from opposite sex, they are shown sparring with each other and at times even mouth foul language. The adults are unable to either understand them or have to bow to their wills. But the best part of the book is the dialogues mouthed by characters. Some of them really stand out and bring out the rawness in the characters. Consider this one; when Rohen encounters Sanguis and finds her determined to take him with her, he does not beat a retreat and after a duel instead utters this classic threat:

There are more than one ways to slice an apple.’

There are many delicious ones that a reader would find in the third book of this series. Verbose employed by the writer is grand and at times reminds of the era of knights and lords, when gallantry and chivalry were prized traits in a person’s character. This language is most apt for the mood of the book and blends well with the characters. Another highlight is that this book too keeps bloodshed in check and explores mind games a bit more. The tables are turned are completely when children refuse to play helpless and instead device their own plans to thwart the evil mechanisms of powerful Dragons. This book is the best of the lot. Editing is spot on; hence, no unnecessary detail is heaped in this book. The plot is terrific and more limelight is given to young heroes which is great. The writer has also created enough space for a fourth book which probably would explore some of the questions that she has created in this one. It goes to the credit of writer that she has indeed created a plot which is truly fresh and invigorating. It is due to this freshness that a reader remains glued to the book.

In all, it is worth saying that this book has the capacity to truly entice a reader and make him eagerly wait for the fourth installment of the series. Excellent work!

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