Author: Becky Komant

Publisher: BK Press

ISBN: 978-0-9918115-0-2

Do you like erotic chick lit that will propel you into a world of pure escapism and at the same time include naughty kinky sex thrown in? How about also including a flaky, naïve and promiscuous female protagonist who is trapped in a loveless marriage with a psychopathic husband who is a dangerous control freak with an insatiable sex appetite? If this sounds like your cup-of-tea, then pick up a copy of Becky Komant's debut novel The Controlled.

Komant's principal character Sarah Ruiz is married to Alex, who is a great family provider, and when he is occasionally calm, their lives seemed to be quite normal. Alex, however, is not exactly a nice guy and has an extremely dark side to him which includes raping his wife whenever he pleases and, as we learn from the opening scene, arranging a ménage à trois without her consent.

Sarah is frightened at the thought of leaving Alex as she would not be able to support herself and her five children. Realizing her predicament, she decides to use her knowledge of the science of nutrition to open up her own business, one that she hopes would eventually support herself and her children. She also engages a trainer who works with her in putting her body into tip top shape which leads to her competing in fitness modeling competitions as well as earning certifications in personal training and sports nutrition. Eventually, Sarah succeeds in formally training her own clients and builds up an impressive private client base.

It now appears that Sarah is on the right path in building a new life. One day, however, she receives a telephone call from Gabe Benoit, a top model photographer who promises her a cover for a well-known magazine. Sarah is ecstatic and can't believe what is happening to her! At the time little did she know that this would be the beginning of a horrific journey that would lead to unforeseen and calamitous consequences. One that would entail a web of lies, blackmail, violence and bizarre sex filled escapades which would be carried on through text messaging, phone calls and emails. It would be a betrayal to give any kind of a hint as to how it all ends although I will admit that it is not anything I had expected.

Komant is not afraid to let her imagination run wildly or to assume that her readers will follow her into a dark excursion which at times reach thriller territory. I can assure you this haunting novel is never boring and keeps the reader intrigued especially when we have a vividly struggling protagonist who acts with such abandonment in her choice of male relationships and at times foolish behavior. Yet, somehow we feel sorry for her, particularly concerning the treatment she receives at the hands of her narcissistic, demented and sexually dysfunctional husband who uses manipulation to its extreme.

One caveat, this is an adult novel and if you are turned off by graphic sex scenes, this is not for you.

Becky Komant resides in Kelowna, British Columbia. She is a proud mother of four, successful business owner, life and fitness coach, and speaker whose philosophy encourages healthy overall well-being.

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