Author: Lindy DeKoven

Publisher: Amazon Publishing

ISBN: 13-9781611099591

Lindy DeKoven has worn many hats as a television executive and producer and she now makes great use of her experiences, skills and knowledge in crafting a well-rounded and rich novel, Primetime Princess where readers are exposed to the backstage drama that transpires within the walls of a television network.

The principal focus of the narrative is on Alexa Ross, vice president of comedy development at Hawkeye Broadcasting System who is determined to climb the corporate ladder in a world dominated by men. Alexa is bowled over when Jerry Kellner, her ex-boss, is hired by her company to work under her. As it turns out, Jerry is not exactly a nice fellow but rather a “chauvinistic pig” who will walk over dead bodies to get what he wants and in this case, he would like to become president of entertainment. As it so happens, Alexa likewise has her hopes set on securing this same position and in the process is becoming a workaholic, unrecognizable by her friends and even sacrificing her love life with her boyfriend Gordon, someone whom she adores. Even one of her close friend admonishes her and warns her she is becoming as bad as the evil Jerry knowing full well that basically Alexa is a nice person and even someone who is vulnerable and insecure.

The characters in this novel are very much alive and although it is a work of fiction, we can't help thinking if this is a true reflection of the cut throat and sometimes ugly world of Hollywood and television productions? DeKoven tells it like it is and strips away the perceptive glamor that some of us have of network television and vividly exposes the vicious and brutal side, which as we are to discover,  not a very pretty picture.

DeKoven brings to the fore another theme wherein we are aware that although there are considerable more women today in the workforce, nonetheless they are often considered second class citizens and consequently few make it to senior management positions or become members of the boards of directors.

In the end DeKoven makes us care about her protagonist and engages us emotionally to the point that we all root for her and probably even mutter to ourselves, why doesn't Alexa just throw in the towel and do something else for a living. After all, life is much too short to sacrifice everything and become someone whom we actually abhor. Is it all worth it?

As mentioned previously, Lindy DeKoven has been employed in various capacities in the world of television including Executive Vice President of Movies and Miniseries for NBC Entertainment and NBC Productions, DeKoven oversaw projects such as the Emmy award-winning Merlin, Gulliver's Travels, The Odyssey, Serving In Silence, as well as A Woman of Independent Means, The 60's, Noah's Ark, The Temptations, and Crime & Punishment, and many more.

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