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Author:June Cross



Secret Daughter is a memoir that will fill your heart with a mixture of emotions. Sadness for a young mother who is forced by a harsh and unforgiving culture to deny the daughter that she so clearly loves with all her heart. Empathy for the little girl that doesn’t understand the hierarchy of differences that kept her from her mother’s side. And finally, the sorrow of so many lost years of closeness that might have been.

June, a beautiful baby girl, was born to a mixed-race couple—white mother and black father—many years before racial mixing was an acceptable practice, by either race. In the uneducated era of early-fifties America, a child of interracial parentage belonged to no one. Pale color branded them quickly as not white, but not black either. To the blacks and the whites, these mixed race children may have represented an act of betrayal to each side of the segregated groups. Racism wears an ugly mask as minority groups fight to be treated as equals and children of all races are dragged by the sins of their fathers.

As soon as it became apparent that little June could not be passed off as white, her mother, Norma, made the harsh decision to allow June to be raised by a black couple that Norma had befriended during her five-year-long relationship with June’s father, an up-and-coming young black comedian. As Norma’s visits to see her baby daughter became fewer and farther between, a gulf began to grow between mother and daughter that would out-distance the gulf between June’s home with “Aunt Peggy” and “Uncle Paul” in Atlantic City and Norma’s home in New York.

The complicated and confusing life of a little girl torn between two totally different worlds, wishing only for the love and acceptance of the mother whom she adores, uncovers a truth and the shamefulness of a country too self-absorbed to realize the damage it was doing to the very citizens that formed its backbone.

June and Norma’s life becomes even more stigmatized when Norma marries well-known actor and comedian, Larry Storch. The white mother of a black child could never gain acceptance in the glitzy glamour of Hollywood and New York’s elite. And so, June became—in the public eye—as the Storch’s adopted daughter. As June grows older and begins to delve into reasoning behind her mother’s fear of ‘being found out’, she uncovers even more secrets behind the façade of her mother’s double life.

June Cross reveals the embodiment and strength of a truly great person as she grows into a woman. Making a name for herself in her own right, she bares her heart and soul to the world and becomes no longer the Secret Daughter.

Beautifully written, this is one memoir that you will want to take into your home and your heart. A delight to read.

Click Here To Purchase Secret Daughter: A Mixed-Race Daughter and the Mother Who Gave Her Away