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Author: S. Lakshmi Narasimhan

ISBN: 978-1-1-4327-8206-1

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Rarely do I pick up a self-help book that is not superfluous and worthless with little new to offer, and frankly, they are often a waste of my time. Nonetheless, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised when a copy of S. Lakshmi Narasimhan's Discover The Genius In The Mirror: Your are An Einstein Waiting To Be Discovered crossed my desk.  And no doubt your are asking yourself, as I did, with a title like that, is this “guy” for real!?

In his opening remarks, Narasimhan probably anticipated this reaction when he reiterates what the majority of us would utter in one way or another: “Wow! That is profound....and yes, shocking! He questions his readers if they are aware that in terms of capacity of the mind, they are on par with Einstein?” And he concludes that if we are cognizant of this fact, then we are one of the lucky ones and have confirmed what the book is setting out to prove. However, most of us are not so fortunate and the obvious next question is what does it mean to be “a potential Einstein waiting to be discovered?”

According to Narasimhan, who by the way is not alone in this belief, we all have an inherent capacity to learn and be infinitely creative-the essential ingredients to becoming a genius. To achieve this feat it is essential to have the right attitude and a belief system which begins with believing in ourselves- the person who stares back at us every morning in the mirror.

Using as his reference the Webster's 11 New Riverside University Dictionary, Narasimhan states that the term “genius” is an individual with “exceptional intellectual and creative power, one gifted with such power, a natural inclination or talent.” As he sums up, one can conclude that a genius not only stands out in a crowd but he or she is “cerebrally endowed with a creative disposition.”

With this in mind and over the course of 185 pages divided into four sections, Narasimhan shares his wisdom as he journeys with us on an intense well-thought out itinerary demonstrating how it is possible to realize our passions and motivations. And along the way, pointing out some interesting scenery as the elements that comprise the “what makes us tick” properties of our persona.

To learn more and explore these attributes, Narasimhan requests that we recall our early childhood memories pertaining to our likes, dislikes, dreams, fears, hobbies, interests and leisure activities. These recollections will uncover our intelligence and learning styles, and the manner we use our senses in the leaning process. For example, did you know that you have a dominant intelligence or a favorite way of thinking, learning, and communicating and that the multisensory learning yields the most efficient results in terms of assimilating core concepts?

And just as a carpenter needs proper tools to pursue his trade, similarly, if we are to uncover the genius in ourselves, we likewise must have a good set of tools, which Narasimhan provides us. These tools will enable us to understand the capabilities of our brain, how exercise keeps it ticking, and which foods to consume as well as those to avoid. We are also enlightened as to how to optimize our learning capabilities, how to retain information, and the art of recalling. Other stops along the way of our journey explore the mystical power of intuition, humor, travel, and your precious self-image, which Narasimhan describes as “the single most important element of the discovery of your genius.”

As our voyage comes to an end, Narasimhan includes several interesting exercises that will reinforce six key and vital genius habits, namely: observation, building mental scenes, playfulness, risk taking, using one of your strengths to start the ball rolling, and at regular intervals evaluating our progress.

Most of us have a tendency to focus on our shortcomings, however, there is a great advantage in switching to the mentality that Narasimhan presents in Discover The Genius In The Mirror: Your are An Einstein Waiting To Be Discovered, provided we stay the course. No doubt, this will require a great deal of patience and not all of us will attain the same degree of proficiency, but if we succeed in improving our self-image and confidence, then that will be a success. Moreover, when it all comes together, the discovery of our genius will have the nourishing power that we would normally associate with food, love and faith.

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