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Author: David Gelber
ISBN: 978-0-9820763-0-9
Publisher: Ruffian Press


David Gelber’s ITP: FUTURE HOPE is such a strong thought provoking Christian Science Fiction novel that there is a danger in writing too much or too complexly about it.

The narrative opens in the year 2156 where we can now voyage beyond the confines of our solar system. A new possibility exists called the Interdimensional Transport Protocol (ITP) permitting us to explore countless other solar systems with the ultimate goal of finding intelligent life elsewhere in our universe. ITP provides a passage to a place outside of time and space where we will discover, along with the first intergalactic pilot, Major David Sanders, something quite incredible.

The brilliant Dr. Deborah Tennyson, who has doctoral degrees in mathematics and physics, has developed ITP. The program’s development came about due to a consensus among many individuals that we are using up Earth’s resources as well as those of our neighboring planets and moons. ITP will now open up the entire universe and according to those who have been involved in the project it is of vital importance to the continuation of humanity on Earth. Unless new inhabitable worlds are found, life on Earth is doomed.

The novel is populated with diverse characters such as the clairvoyant Joshua, who loves to play the horse races and is a friend of Major Sanders.  Major Sanders has such trust in Joshua that he even consults with him prior to the mission seeking his input. Joshua tells Major Sanders that he feels something is not quite right and he bases his observations on a previous similar unmanned mission where a dog called Little Bit was placed into the spacecraft. When the dog returned to earth its behavior seemed to have changed. Joshua goes through the entire space adventure without any recognition even though he plays a vital role in its outcome where he is involved in such antics as tracking down violent gang members, delivery an unsanctioned baby, breaking and entry, and battling demons.            

Major David Sanders is depicted as the classic all-world male who is quite a ladies’ man who had majored in mechanical and extraterrestrial engineering at Stanford University. In fact, there were some who considered him to be hedonistic and a selfish man who only cares about his own pleasure and personal fame.

As we find out, something goes wrong and the space ship’s very efficient sensors carries Sanders to an unknown planet and to a garden called Eden. It is here where he meets up with humans who are lovingly cared for by their benevolent Creator providing them with all of their wants and needs.

To make the plot even more interesting, Gelber throws in another character, the unethical and devious powerful US Senator, Adrian Leavitt, who is Chairman of the Interplanetary Committee. Leavitt also happens to be connected to a sleazy character Aaron Diblonski who has personal interests in putting an end to the ITP project and who bribes Leavitt with invaluable art -work to make sure that this will happen.

Parts of the book are a touch baffling and not easy to read, principally the scientific descriptions of the ITP program and the actual flight, however, you are still likely to stay with this multidimensional and well- calibrated novel for several reasons.

The story never gets dull and there is the sheer fascination of speculating what life on earth will look like in the twenty-second century. Will such a voyage as that taken by Major Sanders be possible?

As for the yarn itself, you will want to know what happens to Major Sanders and the rest of the cast as well as the ITP program. The story is intense and full of the unexpected. Gelber surprises his readers by interweaving into the plot a vivid and dreamlike biblical landscape pregnant with telling details while at the same time making some very gigantic metaphysical and moral points. Moreover, he has a knack of creating intriguing moments that engender conflicting and unexpected emotions.

This is particularly evident when Sanders lands in Garden where he meets the beautiful Ruth who nurses him back to health. Undoubtedly, all of this will keep readers willing to persevere until the very exciting conclusion.

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