Author:  Pat Bertram

Publisher: Second Wind Publishing

ISBN:  9781935171416

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 If you have been fascinated by stories about the lost continent of Atlantis or rumors of the advanced technologies of ancient Egypt or China , if you are fascinated by weather and the current rapid succession of natural disasters one after another, you will most probably be fascinated by Light Bringer.

Pat Bertram is clearly very well read in the areas of astronomy, physics, ancient history and universal mythology and she brings her broad knowledge and brilliant imagination to this X files style story set in the present day Colorado Mountains .  That knowledge lends credibility to this persuasive work of speculative fiction. That is to say, by the time it is all explained, it all makes perfect sense.  The primary characters are believable and likeable, the villains suitably obnoxious, and the supporting characters are authentic, based, more than likely, on some of the eccentric individuals you can usually find living in these small mountain towns. 

Scenes of a group of crotchety old folks who get together to eat curried oatmeal, quote Shakespeare and play Chinese checkers are wonderfully funny discussing current catastrophes from economic depression to planet wide natural disasters each with his or her own conspiracy theory to cover all of it. The plot replete with secret sinister underground corporate experiments, extra terrestrial creatures, a couple of budding romances, could have been the stuff of trendy comic books or  yet another television series but the author’s excellent characterizations make it real, original, the stuff of literary fiction. Stylistically the author is adept at moving between lyrical poetic descriptions of nature, wryly funny dialogue and perfectly paced suspenseful writing.

I found this book to be not only entertaining but educational and it inspired me to want to study more fully those ancient mythologies, reading between the lines to guess at cryptic messages and try to trace current connections. It was a fun read that left me wanting more about these characters and more characters by this author.

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