Author: Sean Noonan
ISBN: 978-1-4327-6089-2
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc

Click Here To Purchase A First Christmas; Friends and Festivity: Book Two of the Everlasting and Fantastical Adventures of Elannah and Sam

It’s time for the second “Everlasting and Fantastical Adventures” of Elannah and Sam.  In this installment Elannah and Sam once again visit their secret tree house in the jungle.  The only way to arrive at the tree-house is in that special space in time where they are half asleep!  It is then and only then that they meet in their dreams.  This adventure takes place on Christmas Eve!  Elannah and Sam are very excited for the magic and joy of Christmas.  Sam is especially excited for Santa and presents!  When the children arrive in dream land they set off to visit Rodger the badger and unknowingly start another everlasting and fantastical adventure when they learn that the Bridge Troll has never celebrated Christmas!

The children decide to throw him a splendiferous surprise party to celebrate the Christmas spirit.  As they travel through