Author: Jeffrey Friedberg

ISBN: 978-0615384924

Publisher: Jeffrey Friedberg

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Fires burning, bodies charred, human sacrifices, demons awakened and the total destruction of the world and humanity and that’s not all. One demon bowl whose power envelopes the holder and those that behold it, one King who worships idols and who has betrayed Yahweh and an evil Queen and Priest who want gain the ultimate: Immortality. As the scene unfolds and the author describes how one demon God is awakened and one Queen uses her power to destroy her foes, the end result is beyond the realm of comprehension and will remain vivid in your mind as you read Lost Relic of the Gods by author Jeffrey Friedberg.

As the story comes into the present Jack Vane, a strange woman named Charmant envelops private eye into the past. Claiming to be the leader of a secret world organization called the No One, she wants to enlist the help of this man to find an ancient relic thought to have powers that when unleashed by the wrong person would destroy the world. The leader of the opposing group is called the Combine and they are determined to rule the Earth for evil or world domination.  Who is telling the truth and who is lying? Just what part would Jack play in all of this reverts back to the past and his father-in-law’s ties to The Mescalero Apaches. The Arch of Titus. It is a Sumerian Bowl carved in stone. Telling Jack that the power of the bowl is controlled by special people –some for the good of mankind and others not. Trying to convince him that this relic has powers and the person who possesses it can rule the world. Frightening to say the least and unbelievable to any sane person: So why does Jack think he believes her and what threat does she make when he refuses to help her find it?  Claiming this ancient bowl so dangerous and so powerful it could it could be used to control scientific processes. Many were killed who guarded this ancient relic thought to control unseen forces that run the universe. Would you believe this claim?

Punishments and revenge is often swift, hard and unseen.  The scenes that follow are graphic and telling. They will remain embedded in the reader’s mind as you learn of the death of his wife Diana and her unborn children. Who were these people and what power did they have? Why was his wife Diana killed? What message did this send to Jack? Who really killed Diana? Jack would be relentless until he finds out. This is truly a novel that will keep the reader on edge from beginning to end and definitely throughout the entire book.

Jack is embraced with hate, dejection, self-pity and feelings of worthlessness as he comes to deal with Diana’s death and that of the twins she was carrying resulting in his own self-destruction and death. However, with the aide of his brother-in-law Little Boy, he seeks the truth behind the bowl, the real reason it is being sought and who murdered his wife and children. Indian ways and rituals to bring him back to life in order to search for the answers he needs. When the past reflects in his present and the visions of the scene of the Queen Anunitu and the evil Bach-cha come front and center in the present, Jack knows that there is only one thing he must do. 

Visions that are relentless, escaping death at every corner, hearing the voice of his wife’s father in his dreams and promising to avenge her death, fulfill the prophecy to save humanity and the world, Jack Vane’s world has been turned in so many directions he begins to feel shattered, broken, confused and finally angry to the point of revenge. How will he save his soul, humanity, face two secret organizations vying for his help, find his destiny and save mankind, this reviewer will not reveal.

References to Hitler, Roswell, Mayan prophecies and stories from ancient times come to life in Jeffrey Friedberg’s novel filled with twists, turns, surprises and suspense that the reader will not want to stop reading until all questions are answered and you find out if the relic is saved and mankind will not perish.  

As the plot draws to a close Jack faces many demons, foes, obstacles and terrors before coming face to face with many truths that will forever change his life forever. Immortality: One ancient relic whose power is unleashed by the owner and the owners DNA. One man whose fate was sealed a billion years ago. One man caught in the crossfire of an ancient prophecy. Read what finally happens to Jack and find out who can be trusted, who is lying and what is final fate will be. Remember: The Fate of The World Depends On Jack Vane. Only author Jeffrey Friedberg knows whether this story ends or there is more to come. Don’t forget the prophecy of 2012. What does December 21, 2012 have to do with the prophecy read this mind stimulating, thought provoking and spellbinding novel to find out.  

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