Author: Marcia Fine
Publisher: L’Image Press, LLC
ISBN: 978-0615315133

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 “A Split Your Pants, Laugh Aloud Hit”

Okay listen up folks, when reading “Stressed in Scottsdale” make sure your bladder is empty because due to excessive laughter you are likely to pee your pants!

Jean Rubin, portrayed as the witty protagonist in “Stressed in Scottsdale” made her début in Marcia Fine’s satire series beginning with “ followed by “Boomerang.” Fans of the award-winning author can take delight in knowing Jean Rubin is back in all her glory in this latest installment, as Fine continues to create a chaotic and comical ambiance for her readers’ enjoyment.                     

When my own manuscript was rejected not once but five times last week, my grocery bag containing two dozen eggs tumbled from my arms crashing to the pavement in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and I couldn’t bend down to retrieve it for fear my head would explode, I thought of Marcia Fine’s Stressed in Scottsdale!

You follow Jean Rubin and a cast of madcap characters as they make every effort to lead a less stressful life in, what ninety nine percent of us refer to as, a chaotic world. I guarantee you will find a little of yourself, family, and friends among these wacky characters. The author takes on serious subjects such as relationships, political issues, and the environment while using witty humor when feasible. As an added bonus, you will also find twenty-five stress release tips throughout the book – helpful indeed!

I found my most memorable part of the book in chapter nine. The main character, Jean Rubin, experiences a mini stroke. Surrounded by her husband, Maury, and her children, she listens as they throw out questions. How do you feel? Did you black out? Can you still babysit? It is scary that I can wholeheartedly relate to this section!

Marcia Fine’s keen eye for detail, sharp-witted humor, and addition of relatable subject matter create an entertaining and enjoyable read. Fine’s tongue-in-cheek annotations reverberate – opinions we would often like to express – but dare not! I found Ms. Fine’s comedic style of writing similar to that of Erma Bombeck’s humorist writings – often making the smallest incidents hysterical therefore drawing attention to the larger important issues.         

So grab a copy of Stressed in Scottsdale by Marcia Fine, sit back, relax, and prepare to laugh your a** off!

In addition to her humorous satire series, Marcia Fine is also the author of such critically acclaimed novels as, “Paper Children” and “The Blind Eye.” It is clear that whatever genre Ms. Fine chooses to partake in it will be superbly written and much anticipated.

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