Haggai Carmon, Author
Dorchester Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-8439-6192-8

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Haggai Carmon, author of Triangle of Deception, was born in Israel. (2009, back cover) Mr. Carmon has written three previous books. (The Chameleon Conspiracy,The Red Syndrome, Triple Identity)  He graduated cum laude from the Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and Diplomacy. He obtained his Masters degree from St. John’s University in New York City. Mr. Carmon has led a colorful life working with the United States, Israel, and many other federal agencies while representing the Department of Justice in the intelligence gathering arena to aid in litigation of high profile cases. His area of expertise is multi-million dollar issues dealing with money laundering and fraud. He is married with five children.

Triangle of Deception begins in Istanbul, Turkey with lead character Dan Gordon who works for the Office of International Asset Recovery and Money Laundering at the US Department of Justice. He, like the author, has had a long history of such work. Recently he has been shifted over to a joint operation with the CIA where they are trying to find a connection between the FOE, forces of evil, or enemies of the USA and the free world. (2009, p.9)

Dan Gordon has a number of aliases to suit his travel and under cover/covert operations as situations might dictate. Before coming into the employ of the US government he [Mr. Gordon] was with Mossad [Israeli Intelligence] and still maintains some friendships from those days and training. Currently they are working together to tie money trail evidence from a variety of sources and other information to Hezbollah. Travels take him to Paraguay, England, Sierra Leone, Romania, Turkey, and elsewhere. He meets, infiltrates, and befriends [to the degree that he can without revealing who he is working for and what he is searching for] persons affiliated or associated with the FOE in an effort to learn important information about their potential ties to Hezbollah.

Somewhere along the way one of Mr. Gordon’s contacts is murdered and he becomes the number one suspect. Unable to make contact with the outside world he is left in prison, beaten, and tortured to find out why he killed this man. Finally, a person from the CIA connects with Mr. Gordon and tells him that things are underway to get him released. While in prison he is evaluated by the prison psychologist, a woman, who provides him with key information pertinent to his case. This information might support his innocence or potential guilt depending on how it is construed. Eventually, he is freed and given opportunity to work intelligence gathering for the Romanian Intelligence community. He agrees and signs on as a way to get back into the USA.

This story takes more twists and turns than a boa constrictor wrapping around its prey. To find out what goes on, who is killed, who lives, what information is gathered, and what happens to Dan Gordon please read this book. I promise it is a page turner that will keep you pinned to the edge of your seat!

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