Author: Wendy Gillissen
Publisher: Agueri Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60145-839-1

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I was truly amazed when I read this book. At first, I thought it would be only vaguely interesting, almost with a gothic-other worldly feeling, but with an ever increasing development of characters and scenes, I found it hard to put the book down.

The Curse of the Tahiéra is an interesting and intriguing book filled with mythical people and magical situations. The book tells of a young man that is bi-racial and is looked upon by others with scorn and hatred. He is part Einache, a hardy people, large in frame and light in hair color and eyes. He is also part Tzanatzi, a smaller people with dark hair and eyes. To his initial regret, he looks Tzanatzi and is raised in a place where the Tzanatzi people are so hated; they are almost wiped out by all others. He withstands years of subjugation and cruelty to escape and find himself the focal point of a curse that began hundreds of years ago.

Five hundred years ago, the Tzanatzi came close to conquering the Einache that culminated in a final battle that brought the leader of the Tzanatzi people against a young Shaman of the Einache people. What the more experienced Tzanatzi warrior did not realize as he smiled to himself about the defeat the young Einache is that the other more powerful Einache shamans were working against the Tzanatzi to defeat him spiritually, and it worked, for a time. With his dying the curse did not stop, only continued to build until a young half-breed opens a doorway that releases the full force of the curse that was born hundreds of years ago from fear and hatred.

Though initially these people are thought to be very different, as we examine them through what is called in the book “dream walking” we find they are very much the same. They are both trying to do what they think will help secure the survival of their people. The book tells of struggles and a people that tried to survive in a new place, not by balance and compromise, but by conquering. It tells of revenge and hatred that not only wipes out peoples enemies but ultimately can wipe out the very people that harbor these emotions.

Though there were times were a more descriptive wording would have lead to a more enjoyable read, I definitely look forward to any sequel.

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