Author: Robert Rave            
Publishers: St. Martin’s Press
ISBN: 978-0-312-54436-2

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Robert Rave, author of Spin, was previously a publicist based out of New York City. He has worked extensively in the field of public relations and helped pull together many high-brow events from political campaigns and fundraisers to fashion shows and nightclub openings. The vast majority of those events involved an array of entertainment personalities and/or sports professionals. This is his first novel, but I hope not his last. For more information about the author please log on to his personal web site.

Taylor Green and Jennie Weinstein are the two most prominent characters of Spin, but not the only two to totally captivate and entertain you. Taylor hails from the Midwest and is the product of a single parent family where his mother worked almost non-stop to keep the family going and his grandmother, Ethel, raised him. He is greener than his name implies (in so many ways), but also a quick study which so works to his advantage.  He lands in New York City working for a friend of his grandmothers’ in a small-time, two person, public relations firm that deals primarily in small-time, ho-hum affairs.

Taylor’s grandmother, Ethel, has told him tales about New York City and all of the glitterati there. Clearly she was more than enamored with New York. Ethel had once high hopes of making it into the big time as a dancer or actress on Broadway, but fell short of making her mark there. Now it’s Taylors’ chance to live her dream and make his mark on that stellar city. One day at an unlikely venue Taylor is offered his dream job---working with Jennie Weinstein Public Relations. It all happened so fast and caught him so off guard that he almost has to pinch himself to be sure this is really happening.

Taylor has gotten the chance of a lifetime, but it is not all Krystal and daisies. Jennie Weinstein is a real witch of a human being, but also a force to be contended with as she makes the stars in New York City and elsewhere rise or fall at her command. She is petulant, underhanded, non-repentant, devious, rude, over the top, and more. However, Jennie Weinstein is also widely thought to be the biggest and most influential public relations firm in the Eastern USA. She is driven to perfection and expects (no demands) the same from her employees. She has no qualms about calling any of her employees to do her dirty work at any hour of the day or night. All oblige her ever whim

Taylor is one of the newer people at this swanky and prestigious firm, but he makes friends with the others fairly easily and even manages to find an office romance. One evening Taylor catches Jennie in some rather compromising circumstances. Naturally she is furious and out for blood. He manages to turn this event and that critical information to his advantage. Before long he is her right hand man and privy to all of her highest and most cherished clients, as well as, Jennie’s darkest secrets.

This zany novel presented all of the necessary ingredients for non-stop reading and entertainment to the max (i.e., drugs, sex, insider celebrity profiles, scandal, and more).  I was honestly sad to see it end. As a first novel this was better than superlative!  I look forward to watching this book rise up the charts and gain recognition and accolades for author Robert Rave. Congrats on a job well done!

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