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    Authors: Alison Culliford and Nan McElroy
    Publishers: Beagle Bay, Inc., Reno, NV
    ISBN: 978-1-885436-40-5

    I try to keep my reviews impersonal, but this book is so connected to my own experience I have to include my personal thoughts on France: Instructions for Use.

    Author: Daniel Kalder
    ISBN: 978-1-59020-226-5
    Publisher: Overlook Press

    Strange Telescopes chronicles Kalder's journeys through post-perestroika Russia, Siberia and the Ukraine in search of four  people who  view the world 'through strange telescopes' - individuals that have created alternate realities for themselves.

    Author: Glenn Pearsall
    ISBN: 978-1-886166-20-2
    Publisher: Pyramid Publishing 2008 for Johnsburg Historical Society

    In Echoes in These Mountains, Glenn Pearsall has tackled the herculean task of capturing the history of fifty-five historic sites in the town of Johnsburg, NY.

    Author: Joan Rattner Heilman

    ISBN: 978-0-07-159884-2: 0-07-159884-7

    Publisher: McGraw Hill 

    Although this book may be a mere two hundred and eight two pages it is huge in accomplishment.

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