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    Author: Nathan Segal

    ISBN: 9780978492918

    The most evident benefit of Nathan Segal's Secret of Profitable Freelance Writing is that its invaluable information will help you devote more time to the craft of writing rather than passing endless hours online or at your local library trying to figure out what publications might be interested in your work. In other words, Segal does all the leg work for you making it easier to nab a paying writing gig.

    Author: Kathryn Rose
    ISBN: 978-145-383-4558
    Publisher: KMH, LLC

    Your children are playing in an international playground with more than 500 million strangers.  Over 9 million U.S. children between the ages of 13 and 17 are registered Facebook users.  Just as you wouldn’t leave them alone on a physical playground, you need to watch and guide them on the virtual one too.

    Author: Rachel Olsen

    Publisher: David C. Cook

    ISBN: 978-1-4347-6537-6

    It’s No Secret by Rachel Olsen contains twelve chapters on various significant relatable topics for modern Christian women. Each chapter concludes with a Bible study; therefore lending itself to be a resource for a weekly or monthly group study where each participant has a copy of the book, reads the chapter, and thinks about the questions prior to getting together.

    Author: Gluckman, Michael
    Publisher: Light Up Your Life
    ISBN: 978-1-4507-2240-7

    Making Your Wisdom Come Alive should be a worthwhile investment for anyone who is interested in exploring their full potential as a loving and caring creature of God, no matter who he or she is conceived to be

    Author: Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

    Publisher: The Laurus Company

    ISBN: 978-0-9841680-4-0

    If you are an author and are looking for a nifty primer that cuts all the fat from the bone in providing dozens of tips concerning the promoting and marketing of your book, then you have come to the right place with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen's Premium PROMOTIONAL TIPS for Writers

    Publisher: New York: Guideposts

    ISBN: 978-0-8249-4809-2

    Author: Susannah Raulino

    ISBN-10: 0615345700: ISBN-13: 978-0615345703

    Author: Jeffrey A. Friedberg

    ISBN: 978-0-6153965-9-0

    The Secret Pillars Of Writing is a short read with some helpful information regarding plot and character development

    Author: Lorraine Esposito
    ISBN: 978-0-9842953-2-6
    Publisher: EME Press

    The Peacemaker Parent is a self-help guide for parents of children ages 2-12. The goal of this book is for parents to learn simple steps and tactics that will enable them to empower their children as well as themselves to peaceful approaches in regards to their daily life activities without the stress of nagging and complaining

    Author : Kim Olver

    Publisher : InsideOutPress

    ISBN: 978-0--9827549-0-0

    Secrets of Happy Couples is a very well written book, reinforcing the most important fact that all great relationships begin and end with yourself

    Author : Lorraine Esposito

    Publisher : EME Press

    ISBN : 978-0-9842953-2-6


    One thing that is common across all cultures, religions and  countries, is the challenging parenting, more so now when there is no end to the problems and no dearth of resources to address the issues as well.

    Author:  Tom McQueen

    Publisher: Minneapolis, MN: Serephina Press

    ISBN: 978-0-9841965-9-3

    The sound moral and ethical base of these life lessons, told with mature and reasoned good sense, ensures that the content of these letters provides much over which to ponder. They would make an ideal springboard for intimate family discussions, and could also be used for father–son encounter groups and workshops

    Author: Doug Warshauer

    ISBN: 978-0-9844937-4-6

    Doug Warshauer has found a unique and engaging way of providing relevant and timely information to folks who are wondering how their money keeps slipping through their fingers

    Author: Dr. David Che

    ISBN: 978-1-878398-26-0

    Author: Ngakma Nor’dzin

    Publisher: Penarth: Aro Books worldwide

    ISBN: 978-1-898185-17-8

    Author: Tony Bove

    Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc

    ISBN: 978-0-470-50530-4

    Author : Julie Cohen

    Publisher : Julie Cohen Coaching LLC

    ISBN : 978-0-9842474-0-0

    A great handbook for those who find themselves often struggling to strike a balance between work commitments and needs of personal life away from work. This book empowers the readers to take control in reaching the state where no one side gets ignored while no one side hogs all the attention and time

    Author: Debbie Taylor Williams

    ISBN: 978-0-89112641-6

    Leaf Wood Publishers

    This book did a great job of tackling major issues or life alternating changes, but lacked on the minor topics that can still be upsetting or throw our plans off course

    Author: Brenda Shoshanna, PhD

    ISBN-13: 978-1402770678

    Fearless is not a panacea for all that ails us, but it is a great starting place, and I would highly recommend it. I plan on rereading this book several times over the decades

    Author: Maureen Delaney, Ph.D

    Publisher: Booklocker

    ISBN: 978-1-60910-222-7

    Author: Susan Bagyura

    Publisher: Life Success Publishing

    ISBN: 978-159930094-8

    Whether you are working in your own business or working for someone else there are tips and tools in this book that can help you to better realize your goals and dreams.

    Author: Richard A. Singer Jr.
    Publisher: Author House
    ISBN 13: 978-1-4490-5623-0

    Brief it may be (consisting of only 60 pages), but the insights that it offers may well serve to revolutionize your life.        


    Author: David Charles
    ISBN: 9781448690107

    Charles with his down-to-earth practical insights does a great job in demonstrating how vital it is to practice individual thinking when we are required to make these pivotal decisions

    Author: J.M. Harrison
    Publisher: O Books
    ISBN-10: 1846943035

    Author: Barbara Hannah Grufferman
    ISBN:  978-0-7624-3740-5

     I am surrounded by self-help – improve your life – books, and I am extremely pleased to say that there is FINALLY one that actually helps!

    Author:  Charlie and Linda Bloom
    ISBN:  978-1-57731-678-7
    Publisher:  New World Library

    Readers will laugh, cry and be moved by the stories in this book.  You may even see yourself in some of the stories.  The book has many great morsels of wisdom to use in your own relationship.

    Author: Jeffra A. Nicholson
    ISBN: 0-7414-5177-8
    Publisher: Infinity Publishing

    Author: Christine Louise Hohlbaum
    Publisher: St. Martin’s Press
    ISBN: 978-0-312-57048-4

    The Power of Slow  - 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World is like a breath of fresh air reminding us that it is sometimes okay to just sit back and relax

    Author:  Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.
    Publisher:  Llewellyn Worldwide
    ISBN:  978-0-7387-1566-7

    Authors: Zig Ziglar and Julie Ziglar Norman
    Publisher: Howard Books
    ISBN: 978-1-4391-4219-6

    On one of your tough days, when nothing seems to be going right, pick up Embrace the Struggle and become inspired to carry on.

    Author: Christine Eisner
    ISBN: 978-0-9842282-0-1

    This is a book about home design, but not the way we usually think of it. Yes, we want to create a beautiful space, but Comfort Living goes beyond that. It shows how to create a safe and nurturing space, a place where we and our families can simply be, a sanctuary in the midst of very busy lives

    Authors: Frank Armstrong, III and Paul Brown
    Publisher: Financial Times Press
    ISBN: 978-0-13-702900-6

    This book offers up a little something for nearly everyone. There are helpful hints for how and where to invest and what things to steer away from. I would seriously recommend this book for anyone nearing 40 and over

    Author: Dr. Madan Kataria
    Publisher: Madhuri International

    ISBN: 81-87529-01-6 (New Revised Edition)

    Many scientists are convinced that laughter is the best medicine for both preventing and treating some diseases. But what is happening today? It seems as if we have forgotten how to laugh. Humor and jokes don't always work. Furthermore, there are few events in our lives that can really make us laugh

    Author: Marcia Petrie Sue  
    Publisher:Wiley and Sons
    ISBN: 978-0-470-49006-8

    Authors: Betty Dravis and Chase Von
    Publishers: VonChase Publishing
    ISBN: 978-0-9766787-8-6

    I recommend this book for anyone who needs a little inspiration or a jump start as far as direction. The advice from these various stars should help anyone get and stay on the right path to find success and achieve their dreams!


    Author: Jennifer Remling & Joe Remling
    ISBN-13: 978-1-60163-052-0

    Are you ready to throw off the corporate shackles and find a freer, more creative life style?  Do you have dreams and ideas buzzing around in your head begging for release?  Are you longing for more time with your family?  More time to indulge yourself in the things you enjoy most? Carve Your Own Road could very well be your first step in a journey toward all that and more

    Authors: Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan
    Publisher: St Martin'Griffin
    ISBN: 13: 978-0-312-37768-7: 10:0-312-37768-1

    Musicians, managers, bookers, labels, promoters, recording engineers, music teachers, music-video directors, filmmakers and anyone else who works with music are extremely lucky that Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan have chosen to share their many years of know-how in the music business in order to reveal how you can spread your music to the world.

    Author: Susan Abel Lieberman, PH.D.
    Publisher: bright sky press
    ISBN: 978-1933979410

    The Mother-in-Law’s Manual is a wonderfully insightful and at times humorous advice manual for dealing with not only in-laws, but also other family members

    Author: Michael Michalko
    ISBN-10: 1580087736:  ISBN-13: 978-1580087735

    Do you need any new ideas for practical designs?  How about when something is wrong with your business and you cannot put your finger on it?  Did you ever need to brainstorm but not have anyone else around?  Have you ever been stuck with writer’s block and for the life of you could not get back to work?

    Author: Donna Kristine Manley
    Publisher: Christiana Press

    ISBN:  0-9777835-0-2

    Manley’s approach works very well. Resumes for Children 17 Years Old And Under Yes, Really! is definitely a wholly accessible and creditable manual, and moreover, it offers rich opportunities for you and you child to explore the many options wherein a resumé would play a vital role.   


    Author: Donna Mae Rose
    Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
    ISBN-10: 1-4327-0605-5:   ISBN-13: 978-1-4327-0605-0.

    Fear Not the Feared

    Author: Peter L. Benson, Ph.D.
    ISBN: 978-0-470-29494-8

    Sometimes it takes a self-help book to state the nearly-obvious, but Dr. Peter Benson’s book, “Sparks” does this so well and contains such crucially valuable information that it is definitely worth a read.

    Author: Jonathan Chevreau
    ISBN: 978-0-981104-0-0
    Publisher: Power Publishers Inc

    Very rarely would you see a work of fiction about money management and financial planning presented in a way that is easily digestible and palatable. Such, however, is the case of Jonathan Chevreau's uncomplicated Findependence Day.

    Authors: Patricia Annino, Thomas Davidow and Cynthia Adams Harrison with Lisbeth Davidow.

    This slim volume (just 150 small pages with plenty of white space) is divided into eight principal sections, each one devoted to the issues facing women in a particular relationship role – wife, mother, daughter, sister, stepmother, widow, sister-in-law and daughter-in-law. Each section identifies a few issues that a woman in that relationship might face with respect to a family business owned and run by one or more male relatives and provides some ideas for solutions.

    Author: Sally Huss
    Publisher: Huss Publishing
    ISBN: 0982262523

    More than ever there is a subculture of adults, both young and old, who are single. Even with so many, there is still a pressure to be married and the single person misses love and companionship.


    Authors: Vicki Robin & Joe Dominguez with Monique Tilford
    ISBN: number: 978-0-14-311576-2
    Publisher: Penguin Books

    Your Money or Your Life is a helpful book that shows you how to live an authentic productive meaningful life. Most of us are sacrificing our lives for money. We spend more than we make, on more than we need. Does "enough" feel like the horizon, always receding? This unique New York Times bestseller includes tips on 10 sure ways to save money and how to reduce expenses and the amount of time on the job. It also helps you understand your life purpose and personal money management.

    Authors: Kurt Lee Hurley
    ISBN: 978-0-578-00348-1
    Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.

    America's #1 fitness expert and celebrity trainer, Kurt Lee Hurley has come up with a remarkable guide to success in all aspects of life. Based on more than three decades of research and practice, he explains how to retain limitless love, happiness, and wealth. He is the founder of Synergy Fitness Systems LLC and Neo Physis line of supplements. Hurley resides in Provo, Utah, with his wife and son.

    Authors: Gary W. Capone and Mark Henderson
    ISBN: 978-1441491534

    With the job market in the dumps now may be the time to brush up on your interviewing skills in order to stand out from your competition. A step in the right direction would be to secure a copy of copy Power Up Your Job Search: A Modern Approach to Interview Preparation authored by Executive recruiters Gary W. Capone and Mark Henderson of Palladian International. 

    Author: Mark Gungor

    ISBN13: 9781416536055

    Publisher: Atria Books,

    A funny, personal and very helpful book that helps you to understand how to incorporate both conflict and happiness into a successful, satisfying marriage.

    Author: Fran Sorin

    Publisher:Warner Books

    ISBN 13: 978-0-446-69402-5, ISBN: 10: 0-446-69402-9

    With a background in landscape design, psychology and communications, the author has built a successful career assisting clients to visualize their garden needs. On occasion, this has turned out to be a challenge because several of her clients saw themselves as uncreative. Consequently, they would express helplessness in articulating a personal vision for their garden. The author disagrees.

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