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    Author: Hope Ramsay

    ISBN: 9780446576093

    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    Author: Heather Grothaus
    ISBN: 978-1-4201-1242-9 

    Author: Ann Stephens
    ISBN: 978-1-4201-0868-2 

    Author: Debbie Macomber
    ISBN: 978-0-06-199712-9

    Author:Cynthia Eden

    ISBN: 9780446559263

    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    Author:Jane Graves

    ISBN: 9780446568470

    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    Author:  Victoria Alexander
    ISBN:  978-1-4201-1705-9
    This #1 New York Times Bestselling author has proven many a time that her amazing intelligence and wonderful wit appeals to millions and millions of readers.  This newest offering is no exception.  With the thousands upon thousands of romance, historical, and British novels, Ms. Alexander is still the only writer that can weave all the genres together to form a perfect literary quilt.

    Author:  Susan Fox
    ISBN:  978-0-7582-5929-5

    The spirit of these characters is a great deal of fun to delve into.  The reader not only gets to watch the love form between the two, but the extremely passionate scenes make you wish with all your heart that when your car broke down and the day has turned bad, that a Dr. like this would pull up to save the your life...and steal your heart.  The writing is absolutely...delicious.  Enjoy!

    Author:  Sylvia Day
    ISBN:  978-0-7582-3172-7
    In 1818 London, a man by the name of Jasper Bond works as a thief-taker; a man who offers security to people who need it and does everything within his power to find what is lost, as well as uncover the secrets that are hidden by others.

    Author: Sophie Gunn

    ISBN: 9780446561990

    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    I love the small town feel to this book, as the setting was perfect. The secondary characters made the book pop. And the subplot and secondary conflicts were just riveting. Highly recommended.

    Author: Ward R. Jones

    ISBN: 9781453805084

    With its breezy readability, After Isaactown is written with a great deal of sensitivity and insight, particularly in its depiction of two lonely complex individuals that refuse to permit their discrepancies in age and their different religions get in the way of their falling in love.

    Author:  Robin Kaye

    ISBN: 9781402240102

    Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

    Author:  Janette Kenny
    ISBN:  978-1-4201-0659-6

    Janette Kenny has done it again.  Her story is fun, exciting, and offers a romance that makes all female readers extremely desperate to go back to the Old West and track down these men she writes about.  Enjoy!

    Author: Jude Deveraux
    ISBN: 978-1-4391-0797-3
    Publisher: Atria Books

    Jude has a magnetizing and flawless writing style.  She provided plenty of story and intrigue that mixed well with the romance between Sara and Mike.

    Author: Rosy Thornton

    Publisher: Headline Publishing

    ISBN: 9780755345564

    This is a lovely, heartwarming story set in the idyllic Cévennes mountains. Rosy Thornton brings out the reality and romance of living in the French countryside - the solitude and the friendships that take shape.

    Author: Pat Muir
    ISBN: 0-9676060-1-2
    Publisher: PM Book

    Author: Phillipa Ashley

    ISBN: 9781402241420

    Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark

    Whether you're in the mood for a little Christmas spirit, a funny story, or a heartfelt romance, this is the perfect book to cuddle up with. Highly recommended.

    Author: Kate Perry

    ISBN: 9780446564625

    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    Author: HelenKay Dimon
    ISBN:  978-0-7582-2909-0
    This fantastic romance author is back, and back with a vengeance.

    Author: Sherryl Woods
    ISBN: 9780778328520
    Publisher: Mira Books (Harlequin)

    Author: Jude Deveraux
    ISBN: 9781439107973
    Publisher: Atria Books (Simon & Shuster Inc.)

    Author: Louisa Edwards

    Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

    ISBN: 978-0-312-35647-7

    Author: R.C. Ryan

    ISBN: 9780446548649

    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    Author:  Louisa Edwards

    ISBN:  978-0-312-35647-7

    Author:  Jill Shalvis

    ISBN: 9780446571616

    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    This is an ideal escape book. A highly recommended read from an author who most definitely knows what she's doing

    Author: Brenda Novak
    ISBN: 9780778327950
    Publisher: Mira Books (Harlequin)

    Author: Kate Brady

    ISBN: 9780446541534

    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    Author: Larissa Ione
    ISBN: 9780446556811
    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    I love reading a series like this one that is hard to put down, and ends with a bang, not a whimper.

    Author:  Paulina Simons
    ISBN-10: 0007118899
    ISBN-13: 978-0007118892

    Every chapter of this book is a surprise, and the romance is still one of the most beautiful I’ve ever read

    Author: Rose Senehi
    ISBN: 9780982539620
    Publisher: Canterbury House Publishing

    This book is listed as a romantic suspense, but is really more appropriate as women's fiction with romantic suspense elements

    Author: Cynthia Eden
    ISBN: 9780446559249
    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    With a perfect blend of romance and suspense, this book will have you dying to turn the page

    Author: Dee Davis
    ISBN: 9780446542029
    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    I love a book series that ends with a bang and not a whimper, which this one very much did

    Author: Ray Melnik
    Publisher: iUniverse
    ISBN: 978-1-4502-1727-9

    You could describe Ray Melnik's novella, Burnished Bridge as two interlocking stories- one science fiction and the other romance, but it is really more than meets the eye

    Author: Marthe Jocelyn
    ISBN:  978-0-385-73846-0

    This novel of romance and difficult choices is set in the magical world of Victorian London

    Author: Ciji Ware
    ISBN: 9781402222702
    Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

    I cannot throw enough positive adjectives at this book to give it justice

    Author: Gwyn Cready
    ISBN:  978-1-4391-0724-9

    Right off the bat the reader is engaged in a time-travel adventure of monumental proportions

    Author: DiAnn Mills
    ISBN:  978-0-310-29329-3

    The many plots and characters imbedded in the pages of this book are extraordinary

    Author: Debbie Macomber
    ISBN:  978-0-7783-2780-6

    As everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the last ten years knows, Ms. Macomber is a writer who was born with the correct words to make a story not only good, but last in a reader’s mind for a lifetime.  This new offering is no different.

    Author: R.C. Ryan
    ISBN: 9780446548632
    Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (Hachette Book Group)

    This is a beautiful tale about love and family. Recommended

    ISBN: 9780446555982
    Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (Hachette Book Group)

    I love a good southern drama. The setting in Louisiana was ideal. This is also the perfect example of a hero and heroine who warrant a happily ever after

    Author;  Jeffrey Stepakoff
    Publisher:  Thomas Dunne Books
    ISBN-10: 0312581580

    If you love romance at its best you will love Fireworks Over Toccoa. This book combines just the right combination of fun, innocence, passionate love, and emotions all set in the small town of Toccoa, Georgia. Fireworks Over Toccoa even involves some mystery

    Author: Abigail Reynolds
    ISBN: 9781402237324
    Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

    With vivid imagery, the setting draws you in from the start, then continuing on with fascinating and relatable characters, you will find yourself crying, laughing, and gritting your teeth in aggravation

    Author: Jeffrey Stepakoff
    ISBN:  978-0-312-58158-9

    Get this immediately and make a place for it on your bookshelf.  This is truly a novel full of suspense, thrills, beauty, and a love that’s completely unplanned…born under the stars

    Author: Dee Davis
    ISBN: 9780446542012
    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    Packed full of tension, action, and romance, this book is a page-turner from beginning to end

    Author: Sadie Jones
    ISBN: 978-0-06-192988-5

    This is an outstanding second novel from Sadie Jones.  Not only is the story both heartbreaking and endearing, the romance and struggle between the two outstanding main characters is an honor to read.

    Author:  Laura Kinsale
    ISBN: 978-1-4022-3701-0
    Lessons in French
     was a lesson in life, love, and laughter for me.

    Author: Susan Kearney
    ISBN: 9780446543330
    Publisher: Grand Central (Hachette Book Group)

    If futuristic romance is the future of romance, I’m on board…especially if Susan Kearney is writing them!

    Author: Larissa Ione
    ISBN: 9780446556828
    Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

    Now here’s an author who knows her conflict well. Pinning angel against demon and good against evil, to make an argument for the importance of family and loyalty, all the while adding forbidden lust and love to the mix

    Publisher: Closet Case Press

    ISBN: 9780446556842
    Publisher: Forever (Hachette Book Group)

    Susan Crandall has a deft way of understanding the very thing that makes us human

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