Biographies & Memoirs

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    Author:  Biographer, Christopher Heard
    ISBN:  978-1-926745-04-6

    This is a poignant book showing the split personalities of a much-beloved actor who has made bad decisions over time - like the rest of us

    Author: Peter Leithart
    ISBN:  978-1-5955-5302-7

    The biographer has done a fantastic job in the telling of Jane Austen's life; facts were offered as any good biographer will do, but he left our beloved icon a heart and soul that shows on every page

    Author: Daniel J. Tomasulo
    Publisher: Graywolf Press
    ISBN: 978-1555974992

    As a writer, Daniel stands out from the crowd. His narrative skills are incredibly engaging and his passages truly memorable. His words speak to the instincts and emotions of the reader

    Author: Mitch Kruse (With Derek Williams)
    ISBN:-13:  978-1-935391-31-9

    Well written without being too “preachy,” the authors have done a fine job offering words of guidance to a world that’s teetering on the edge of faith

    Author: Mika Brzezinski
    Publisher: Weinstein Books
    ISBN: 978-160286111-4

    With brutal honesty, Mika Brzezinski – co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe recounts how trying to be a career woman, a wife, and a mother - in essence having it all - almost ended in tragedy for her young family

    Author: Jim Moret
    Publisher: Phoenix Books
    ISBN-13: 978-1-60747-701-3: ISBN-10: 1-60747-701-7

    Author: Ali Eteraz
    ISBN: 978-0-06-156708-7

     Should be read by anyone attempting to understand Islam and Muslims in general. Students of religion or spirituality will be enlightened and entertained by this book.

    Title: All Things at Once
    Author: Mika Brzezinski
    ISBN: 1602861110
    Publisher: Weinstein Books

    A Memoir For Everyone

    Author: Dr. William B. Stanford
    ISBN: 978-0-595-43311-7
    Publisher: iUniverse

    Lizzi and Fredl is the memoir of Frederick and Alice Steiner, Austrian Catholics who fled Austria in August, 1938, months after the Anschluss (the annexation of Austria to Nazi German).

    Author:  Bonnie McGee
    ISBN:  9780615250595
    Publisher:  Skylark Publications

    This book is recommended for readers who enjoy travel books as well as for those interested in hearing about reaching out and grabbing the dream of another life.  Those who indulge will come away inspired and refreshed.  This is a gorgeous book and one that is highly recommended

    Author: Candace Fleming
    Illustrator: Ray Fenwick
    Publisher: Schwartz & Wade Books (An Imprint of Random House Children's Books)
    ISBN: 978-0-375-84197-2

    Even though we may be familiar with the name P.T. Barnum, one of the greatest showmen and founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, how many of us can truthfully say we know the real Barnum?

    Author: Joseph Burke
    ISBN-10: 1934938505
    ISBN-13: 978-1934938508
    Publisher: Langdon Street Press

    Author: Judith March Davis
    ISBN: 9781934938904
    Publisher: Langdon Street Press

    Dorothy Rowe left the world a great legacy in her books, poetry, articles and her articles. But, the best tribute to a parent and legacy is one that Judith March Davis has written and the special toast she made to her mother when she went and fulfilled her dream of going to China

    Author:  Ann Seymour
    ISBN: 978-0-915090-82-2

    Most books like this one are heavily based on and written as history books, giving the background more than the emotion.  I am honored, proud, and grateful to the author for giving the reader, me, so much more than what I could read in textbooks

    Author: Frank Romano
    Publisher: World Audience Inc
    ISBN: 978-1-934209-43-1

    From the very first pages of Frank Romano's Storm Over Morocco, this autobiographical memoir and travelogue of one man's spiritual search rivets you with drama, and rarely lets up over the next 341 pages

    Author: Kyra E. Hicks
    ISBN: 978-0-9824796-5-0

    How often do we have the opportunity to participate in a journey researching one of the best-known African-American quilters, Harriet Powers, who was born near Athens Georgia into slavery in 1837 and died in 1910? When Kyra E. Hicks, a quilter herself, began compiling a simple annotated bibliography of references to Harriet Powers, she hadn't a clue as to what “goodies” she would discover and that her findings would eventually culminate in a fascinating tome, This I Accomplish: Harriet Powers' Bible Quilt and Other Pieces

    Author:  Stephen Schettini
    Publisher:  Green Leaf Book Group Press
    ISBN:  978-1-60832-005-9

    The Novice:  Why I Became a Buddhist Monk, Why I Quit & What I Learned by Stephen Schettini is a well-written memoir that almost seems like a version of Jack Kerouac's On the Road, but overseas, and with a more religious theme

    Author: Joyce Fetzer Schutten
    ISBN: 978-1-60743-418-4
    Publisher: Judson Books

    In reading these essays we are fortunate to be beneficiaries of skillfully woven narratives that are deeply readable and thoughtful

    Author: Ali Eteraz
    ISBN: 978-0-06-156708-7
    Publisher: HaperOne (An Imprint of HarperCollins)

    Fascinating may be an overused word, but it does describe the memoir of Abir ul Islam, as he narrates the different stages of his young life and his emotional wrestling with Islam

    Author:  Marv Gold
    Publisher:  Red Hen Press
    ISBN:  978-1-59708-51-0

    Author: Ronald Probstein
    Publisher: iUnvierse, Inc
    ISBN: 978-1-4401-4187-4

    Honest Sid: Memoir of a Gambling Man is a moving memoir where each page is filled with small details that resonate with meaning. It is a fascinating peek at an nontraditional way of life that leaves you wanting more

    Author: James L. Franklin , M.D.
    Publisher: The University of Chicago Section of Gastroenterology
    ISBN: 13: 978-0-615-22605-7 (cloth):  ISBN: 10: 0-615-22605-1 (cloth)

    Author:  Evelyn Tannehill
    ISBN: 978-1-58736-693-2

    I want to send my special thanks to this author.  You have taught me a great deal and I am truly an admirer – not only of your wonderfully descriptive prose, but also your pride, determination, and strength in a world that’d literally fallen down around your ears.

    Author: Elaine Margolis
    ISBN: 9781934938102
    Publisher: Bascom Hill Publishing


    Author: Judy L. Mandel
    Publisher: Schlesinger Books
    ISBN: 978-0-9825146-0-3

    Mandel’s memoir is as riveting and gut wrenching as any piece of thriller fiction I’ve read. Once I started, I couldn’t put this book down until I reached what I knew would be the inevitable unavoidable disaster that had been the reason for the author’s existence.

    Author: E. E. Smith 
    ISBN: 978-0-9798599-1-5 
    Publisher: Hanover House 

    Boardinghouse Stew by E. E. Smith is an interesting snapshot about life in a boardinghouse during World War II. The author tells her own story of working as a maid and cook for a summer in Mrs. Mumson's home on the West Coast in 1943.

    Author: Bo Parfet with Richard Buskin
    ISBN: 978-08144-1084-4
    Publisher: Amacom Books

    Die Trying: One Man's Quest to Conquer the Seven Summits is an inspiring memoir by a man, who at the age of 26, began a four-year journey to summit all of the highest climbs on the seven continents

    Author: Andy Andrews
    Publisher: Hay House Publishing
    ISBN-13: 978-0-981-9709-1-2

    This book was really refreshing, entertaining and had a lot of humor and great stories. Everyone needs to read this to remember that there are places in the world that do not need modern technology and the frills to survive

    Author: Norman Friedgut

    ISBN: ISBN-10: 1440405557:   13: 978-1440405556
    Publisher: CreateSpace

    Read this book, live the danger, and savor the thrill

    Author: Mike Stefan Strozier
    Publisher: World Audience Publishers
    ISBN: 978-0978808662

    Reading the book’s subtitle – schizophrenia, homelessness, war, alcoholism, and divorce – did at first induce some apprehension: was it going to be another gloom-and-doom story?

    Author: Michael Greenberg
    Publisher: Other Press
    ISBN: 978-1-59051-341-5

    The diversity of the stories is the greatest asset of this book. Greenberg is like the prolific raconteur whom you could sit down with at a bar and easily spend hours just enjoying yourself as he entertains you with his sketches of his social milieu as well as his thoughts concerning a wide variety of topics including his Jewish identity, family, conflict, literature, and a host of other stimulating topics

    Author: Jan Elvin
    Publisher: Amacom Books
    ISBN: 9780814410493

    The Box from Braunau: In Search of My Father’s War is a touching tribute. Not only does it celebrate the life and legacy of author Jan Elvin’s father Bill, it also gives honor to the men who fought in WWII and celebrates the prisoners of the concentration camps they liberated

    Author: Ray Parker
    ISBN: 978-0964092433
    Publisher: Mill City Publishing

    Parker has given us a small piece of his war time experiences, but this morsel is quite gripping, although at times tragic, when we read about the thousands of Allied soldiers who lost their lives fighting the Nazis

    Author: Sonya N. Jason
    ISBN: 978-0-7864-3832-7

    In a way, Maria Gulovich was an accidental heroine of WWII but in a profound way, she was a very deliberate one. No one forced her to hide Jews in the Slovakian grade school where she was a teacher, but when a leader of the Slovakian underground discovered what she had done, he gave her a choice: either face Nazi arrest for hiding Jews or work as a courier for the Slovakian underground. She chose to become a courier

    Author:  Rick D. Niece
    ISBN:  987-0-9815462-0-9

    Childhood memories and circumstances stay with a person forever, and this book reminds us that a rich, caring community can make all the difference in people’s lives

    Author: Norman Ollestad
    Publisher: Ecco
    ISBN: 978-0061766725

    I would more than recommend this that I read in one sitting and could not put down

    Author: Norman Friedgut

    ISBN: ISBN-10: 1440405557:   13: 978-1440405556
    Publisher: CreateSpace

    The book,  My War, is an easy and fun read.  Its tone is exactly what it should be: comfortable and fascinating

    Author: Greg Dawson
    Publisher: Pegasus Books
    ISBN: 978-1-60598-045-4

    Rarely am I able to read a book in one sitting, however Greg Dawson’s Hiding in the Spotlight was the exception. 
    In Hiding in the Spotlight Dawson narrates the story of his mother, Zhanna Arshanskaya, who was a Holocaust survivor and an extraordinary pianist.

    Author: Nancy Mehagian
    Publisher: Cielo Press
    ISBN: 978-0-9799305-0-8

    Nancy Mehagian has lived a life that is the stuff of legends.  Wild and free, traveling and tripping on drugs, she lived more before thirty than most of us live in a lifetime.  And, we’re so jealous.

    Authors: John and Bessie Gonleh with Bruce Beakley
    Published by Winepress Publishing
    ISBN: 978-1-57921-930-7

    Refuge’ will leave you in awe of the Creator who gave us the amazing ability to adapt and persevere in the worst of circumstances. It is also a reminder to appreciate what we have and count our blessings while we can for we never know what tomorrow may bring or what God has in store for us.

    Author: Alice Resch Synnestvedt

    ISBN: 0-96-48042-6-3

    Publisher: Intentional Productions

    During World War Two, Alice Resch Synnestvedt, working in southern France with the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization, helped rescue dozens of Jewish children from certain death in Nazi concentration camps.

    Author: Jan Elvin
    Publisher: American Management Association, 1601 Broadway, NY, 10019
    ISBN: 978-0-8144-1049-3

      A peek into a father's war life and how it affected him when he returned

    Author: Jan Elvin
    Publisher: AMACOM
    ISBN: 978-0-8144-1049-3

    “Soldiers aren’t the only casualties of war”, says author Jan Elvin in the afterword of this engrossing and well written memoir. ” Their families suffer as well although their battles are fought later, on the home front.” 

    Author: Patrick Miles
    ISBN:10: 1843919001:   13:9781843919001
    Publisher: Hesperus Press

    There is a current trend in America where former celebrities who have been forgotten (usually for just cause) are being resurrected from the celebrity dead. This is, of course, thanks to those unimaginative bastards, the stewards of our popular culture, the directors of television programming. Such figures as Hulk Hogan, Bret Michaels and the ‘Two Coreys’ are just a few examples of the cultural living dead. With so many instances of former celebrities again becoming popular it is quite legitimate to ask the question, “Does this person have any relevancy to current society?”

    Author: Fernande K. Davis
    Publisher: Beach Lloyd Publishers

    Memoirs written against a particular historical backdrop can make that history come alive in clarifying and startling ways. Girl in the Belgian Resistance is a marvelous example.

    Author: Steve Luxenberg
    Publisher: Hyperion
    ISBN: 978-1-6013-2267-2

    When Steve Luxenberg, author of Annie’s Ghosts began his journey seeking to unravel a family secret, little did he know at the time that he would be really opening up a huge can of worms that would lead to some jolting findings about his family. 

    Author: Chris Bowen
    ISBN: 978-1-4327-2453-5
    Publisher: Outskirts

    Winner of the prestigious Teacher of the Year for Los Angeles County- a county that employs over 80,000 teachers, Chris Bowen has penned an impressive memoir with his Our Kids: Building Relationships in the Classroom. According to Bowen, “To work with children is to see, to catch, these small untraceable moments. It is to watch a child pause, cocoon, and re-emerge as a whole new entity.”   

    Author: Maureen McCormick
    ISBN: 978-0-06-149014-9
    Publisher: William Morrow

    Admitting she had a cocaine problem, actress Maureen McCormick—famous for playing the role of Marcia Brady in the classic sitcom, The Brady Bunch—told a friend, “I’m afraid of what I’m going to feel if I don’t get high anymore.” For the first time in public, she gets personal in her revealing memoir, Here’s The Story.

    Author: L. John McCulloch
    Published by Outskirts Press, Inc.
    ISBN: 978-1-4327-3785-6

    In sharing his own story, McCulloch’s prayer is that others will be able to find comfort and healing through the presence of the Lord. His testimony is powerful, passionate and inspirational.

    Edited by: Persis R. Grangera
    Publisher: iUniverse Star
    ISBN: 9780595297269

    This book is a collection of personal stories shared by daughters of patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

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