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    Author: Keith Richards
    Publishers: Little, Brown and Company
    ISBN-10: 031603438X ISBN-13: 978-0316034388

    It’s a book hard to put down, perhaps now one of the most important books on rock ever written by someone who helped shape music of more than one era. An ideal Christmas gift for anyone who cares about rock from any generation.


    Author: Cipora Hurwitz

    Publisher : Multi Educator, Incorporated

    ISBN-13: 978-1885881380

    Not yet six years old, Fela (called Faygeleh by her family) Rozensztajn lived with her Jewish parents and two older brothers in Hrubieszow, Poland where family meals, laughter, joy, security and loving support were an everyday occurrence

    Author:  Condoleezza Rice
    ISBN:  978-0-385-73879-8

    As a person who has been a fan of Ms. Rice's for a long time now, I can only tell you that my admiration for this woman has increased ten-fold after reading this story.

    A uthors: Cooper, Pat; as told to Rich Herschlag and Steve Garrin
    Publisher: Square One Publishers
    ISBN: 978-0-7570-0363-9

    Pat Cooper’s sensitivity and insightfulness shine out from behind his ostensibly brash and offensive style in this memoir of six decades and more in show business.

    Author: Glenn A. Mosley
    Publisher: BearManor Media (October 20, 2010)
    ISBN-10: 1593936133:  ISBN-13: 978-1593936136

    As author Glenn Mosley addresses in the first pages of his anatomy of a largely forgotten TV Western, few television or film fans know Henry Fonda starred in the 1959 The Deputy. Even fewer recall that The Deputy was something of a controversial show for two seasons. On those grounds alone, Glenn Mosley offers both Fonda and television watchers a very readable and needed exploration into a neglected chapter of entertainment history.

    Author: Paul Lester
    Publisher: Omnibus Press
    ISBN-10: 1849384053:   ISBN-13: 978-1849384056

    Since late 2008, New Yorker Stefani Germanotta’s transformation into international superstar Lady Gaga has fascinated just about everyone who listens to popular music.

    Author: Brenda Maddox

    ISBN: 978-0-230-10518-8

    In this sympathetic biography of the celebrated 19th century novelist, George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans), Brenda Maddox clearly presents the author and the creation of her books, some of English literature’s most unforgettable.

    Authors: Pat Cooper, Rich Herschlag, Steve Garrin
    Publisher: Square One Publishers
    ISBN-10: 075700363X:  ISBN-13: 978-0757003639

    Cooper’s very readable memoir, How Dare You Say How Dare me is a bitter rant against all the slings and arrows he has faced on and off stage

    Author: Karen Kerschen
    Publisher: ABQ Press
    ISBN: 978-0-9843024-1-3

    This unauthorized biography of the life and art of the notable Chilean folklorist and visual artist, Violeta Parra, provides valuable insights into the emotionally troubled existence of one of the most gifted South Americans of the past century.

    Author: Jennie Miller Helderman

    ISBN: 9780982773208

    Publisher: The Summers Bridge Press

    A spellbinding narrative that reads like a chilling soap opera, constantly reminding us of the horror of wife battering and its repercussions

    Author: Richard A. Barrett
    Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
    ISBN: 978-1-4500-7352-3

    Tales from a Spanish Village is the tale of how Barrett, as a young man, lived, with his Japanese wife, in a small village, Benabarre, in the sub-Pyrenees zone of Upper Aragon in northern Spain for just over a year in the late 1960s in order to conduct research for his studies as a cultural anthropologist

    Author: Susan Parker
    Publisher: San Diego, CA: Silver Threads
    ISBN: 978-0-893067-09-7

    Walking in the Deep End is a powerfully evocative and poignant memoir of a woman who has exerted great effort in coming to a profound understanding of her own being, especially in relation to those around her. The memoir deserves to be read by all thinking women, no matter where in the world they are. Revelatory, probing, transforming and transcending the mundane—this work is a gem that deserves to be treasured.

    Author: Charles Fox

    Publisher: The Scarecrow Press, Inc.

    ISBN-10: 0810869918: ISBN-13: 978-0810869912

    Author: Bonnie Barnett

    Publisher: Austin, TX: Synergy Books

    ISBN: 978-0-9842358-7-2

    This memoir should find resonance with anyone from a broken home who has struggled to make contact with an estranged parent. With so many marriages ending in divorce and separation these days, the prospective audience for the book should be very wide indeed

    Author: Charles Fox (Foreword by Roberta Flack)
    ISBN:  978-0-8108-6991-2
    I not only recommend this wonderful story (with great pictures, by the way) to musicians, composers, and people desperately trying to make their musical dreams come true, but I also recommend this bio to all readers in general

    Author: John T. Spike

    Publisher: New York: The Vendome Press

    ISBN: 978-0-86565-166-8

    Author:  Aura Imbarus

    Publisher: Bettie Youngs Books Publishing Company

    ISBN: 089-0-98430-812-5


    Out of the Transylvania Night is a deeply moving account of one woman’s search for her own identity, firstly under the Communist dictatorship of the ruthlessly oppressive Ceauşescu, and, later, as she struggles to maintain her integrity in the face of overwhelming materialism.

    Author: John T. Spike.

    ISBN: 978-0865652668

    Publisher: The Vendome Press

    Author: Alison Johnson

    Publisher: Cumberland Press

    ISBN: 13: 978-0-9675619-2-9: 10:0-9675619-2-2

    Alison Johnson displays a impressive analytic intelligence that makes this work provocative, although nonetheless, quite disturbing

    Author: Aeronwy Thomas

    Publisher: New York: Skyhorse Publishing, c. 2009

    ISBN: 978-1-61608-101-0

    This memoir by the daughter of Dylan Thomas is written in a simple and straightforward style, telling of the many years that his family spent living in the Boat House in Langharne, thanks to Dylan’s patron, Margaret Taylor

    Author: James Ellroy

    ISBN:  978-0-3075-9350-4

    From the fantastic writer who brought us unforgettable books like L.A. Confidential, and The Black Dahlia, comes this extraordinary in-depth work about his own life.  As always, Mr. Ellroy is extremely explicit, writing every word of this memoir with an in-your-face passion, elegance, and anger that will literally stop readers in their tracks

    Author: Manal M. Omar

    Publisher:  Sourcebooks

    ISBN: 978-1-4022-3721-8

    Giving both an insider’s and an outsider’s view of the unfolding drama of Iraq, the memoir should prove worthwhile reading for anyone who has a keen interest in developments in the Middle East

    Author: Aeronwy Thomas

    ISBN: 978-1-61608-101-0

    Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

    Aeronwy Thomas tells the story of her life with her father Dylan Thomas and her mother Caitlin in a novel that reveals much about this poet and father

    Author: Ruth Simkin

    Publisher: Ekstasis Editions Canada

    ISBN: 9 781897 430545

    The Jagged Years of Ruthie J., by author Ruth Simkin is a memoir about the author’s painful adolescent years “incarcerated” in a psychiatric institution. Chestnut Lodge in Rockville Maryland, a facility that treats the seriously mentally ill. It was there that the author’s parents trustingly, however naively, placed their daughter in the hands of a psychiatrist who lacked compassion, misdiagnosed and goaded her into acting out her frustrations when she asked why she was placed in a psychiatric hospital for the seriously mentally ill population.

    Author: Georgia Durante

    ISBN: 978-0-451-22568-9

    This book was originally published in 1998. As a re-release, this mass-market paperback edition includes an epilogue which shows real redemption and genuine soul-searching. Georgia is now involved in leading an abused-women organization and using her adventurous spirit to help people in crisis. I am looking forward to her next memoir.

    Author: Mark Goddard

    Publisher: IUniverse Pub.

    ISBN: 13: 978-0-595-51742-8 (pbk) ISBN: 13: 978-0-595-62013-5 (ebk)

    To Space and Back is a book for fans and those interested in TV history


    Author: Anya Achtenberg

    ISBN: 9781932690620

    Publisher: Modern History Press

    If you love reading experimental fiction/non-fiction and new forms of literary approaches to social observation and critique, The Stories of Devil-Girl is just the book for you

    Author: Ruth Doumlele
    ISBN: 978-1-935359-25-8

    This is an extraordinary book!!!  I can't think of enough adjectives to describe the moments I spent reading The Randolph Women and their Men.  It's just exceptional.

    Author: Ken Corday

    ISBN-13: 978-1-4022-4222-9

    As a long time Days fan (I saw my first show at age 14), this book was an enjoyable trip down memory lane allowing me to reminisce about the good old days of growing up with Bo and Hope and Kayla and Patch. The families of Days are so courageous and strong and, reading this book, it is no wonder

    • Author: Roseann Lombardi
    • ISBN: 9781935097167
    • Publisher: Two Harbors
    With an ending that you bring you to tears, author Roseann Lombardi’s tribute to her mom, Anna Plato Lauro, is a must read for anyone who is thinking about care for a loved outside their home

    Author: Alison Arngrim
    ISBN:  978-0-06-196214-1

    Let me begin by saying that this was a fantastic reminder of my father.  Yes, my father…God rest his soul.  My sister and I so loved Little House, but every time the theme song came on my father would grunt and roll his eyes at us.  In fact, he did that with Charlie’s Angels, too.  (Good thing he loved us J)

    Author: Jonathan Rogers
    Publisher: Thomas Nelson
    ISBN: 978-1-59555-305-8

    This lively text should appeal to both youngster and adult alike, and should serve as a welcome addition to any home, school or college library

    Author: Jeannette Katzir
    Publisher: Jeannette Katzir
    ISBN: 978-0-615-27483-6

    Broken Birds is a well-written study in personal insight, relative ties, and human patience as a woman discovers who she is because of and despite her family's past

    Author: Christopher Heard
    ISBN:-10: 1926745027
    ISBN:-13: 978-1926745022
    Publisher: Transit Publishing

    Great work Mr. Heard!  You made me a Spears fan.  Not the singing, perhaps, but definitely an admirer of her determination and sheer will

    Author: Amy Dickinson
    ISBN:  978-1-4013-1012-7

    In reading this wonderfully written memoir, I felt like I’d found my “soul-sister.”  Not only do we share the same name, but we believe that our family is literally the backbone of who we are, and draw our strength and courage from the people who love us the most.

    Author: Helen Waldstein Wilkes
    ISBN: 978-1-897425-53-4
    Publisher: Athabasca University Press

    In an unforgettable read, the author has cleverly included the context of the letters, pictures she was able to locate, and her own heartfelt story behind the discoveries. It was an emotional journey for me as well, as I learned more about this family and their struggle to survive in a most overwhelming time

    Author: Ruth Kassinger
    Publisher: Harper Collins
    ISBN: 978-0-06-154774-4

    Author: Christopher Heard
    ISBN:-10: 1926745027
    ISBN:-13: 978-1926745022
    Publisher: Transit Publishing

    Brittany needs to fix that mirror and create a clearer picture. You don’t have to please the world, you need to be who you are and that is just fine and deserve a big hug and congrats for your comeback

    Author: Pamela Ferris-Olson
    ISBN:  978-0-615-34066-1
    Publisher:  Out of the Box Publishing Company LLC

    This book is about three women and the choices they made for their lives.  Each woman, a different nationality with perhaps more in common than they knew, all living in the Dayton area.

    Author: Ian Halperin
    ISBN:  978-0-9812396-6-8

    Author:  Art Ortenberg
    ISBN:  978-1-589794-94-8
    Publisher:  Taylor Trade Publishing

    This book will take you through many emotions

    Author: Alfred Langer
    ISBN: 9781934938850
    Publisher: Langton Street Press

    Alfred Langer we are truly blessed that shared your story and your life with us. I am honored to have reviewed this heartfelt, heartbreaking and yet encouraging story of one family who would never take defeat. As your mother said: God did not mean for us to be ruined. You more than proved him right

    Author: Pamela Ferris-Olson
    Publisher: Out of the Box Publishing Company, LLC
    ISBN-10: 0615340660
    ISBN-13: 978-0615340661

    Living in the Heartland: Three Extraordinary Women's Stories
    by Pamela Ferris-Olson gives a unique look into the lives and history of three minority women

    Author:  Biographer, Christopher Heard
    ISBN:  978-1-926745-04-6

    This is a poignant book showing the split personalities of a much-beloved actor who has made bad decisions over time - like the rest of us

    Author: Peter Leithart
    ISBN:  978-1-5955-5302-7

    The biographer has done a fantastic job in the telling of Jane Austen's life; facts were offered as any good biographer will do, but he left our beloved icon a heart and soul that shows on every page

    Author: Daniel J. Tomasulo
    Publisher: Graywolf Press
    ISBN: 978-1555974992

    As a writer, Daniel stands out from the crowd. His narrative skills are incredibly engaging and his passages truly memorable. His words speak to the instincts and emotions of the reader

    Author: Mitch Kruse (With Derek Williams)
    ISBN:-13:  978-1-935391-31-9

    Well written without being too “preachy,” the authors have done a fine job offering words of guidance to a world that’s teetering on the edge of faith

    Author: Mika Brzezinski
    Publisher: Weinstein Books
    ISBN: 978-160286111-4

    With brutal honesty, Mika Brzezinski – co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe recounts how trying to be a career woman, a wife, and a mother - in essence having it all - almost ended in tragedy for her young family

    Author: Jim Moret
    Publisher: Phoenix Books
    ISBN-13: 978-1-60747-701-3: ISBN-10: 1-60747-701-7

    Author: Ali Eteraz
    ISBN: 978-0-06-156708-7

     Should be read by anyone attempting to understand Islam and Muslims in general. Students of religion or spirituality will be enlightened and entertained by this book.

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