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Jennifer Murray Somerset:  BFA in Graphic Design, and BS Legal Assistant Studies:    Click Here To Read Jennifer's  Reviews

 Articles by this Author

Author: Stacey Harris
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
ISBN: 9781589807471

Author: Alix Strauss
Publisher: Harper
ISBN: 978-0-06-172856-3

Strauss handles such a delicate subject matter with a mixture of evenhanded mater of factness and compassion

Author: Kevin J Anderson
Publisher: William Morrow, an imprint of Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-0-06-166255-3

In Kevin J. Anderson’s newest book, Enemies & Allies, we are given fly on the wall viewing of his version of Superman and Batman’s first meeting.

Author: John Hastings
Publisher: Draw 3 Lines Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9749418-4-4

The Drawing Breakthrough Kit breaks down the feeling of being overwhelmed when drawing from life by breaking the images down to straight, curved and elliptical lines in various lengths. Picking up a pencil to draw can be very intimidating for the first time artist and I find Hastings approach to be the right amount of coaxing and encouragement to get over that initial hump.

Author: Rivky Koenig:
Photographer Jennifer Levy
Publisher:Artscroll/Shaar Press
ISBN: 1-42260-817-4

The directions for both the crafts and the meals are direct with easily digestible steps and not to mention wonderful photography by Jennifer Levy

Author: Kenneth C. Davis

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 978-0-06-156232-7

If you are a trivia junkie or have one in your life, is this a great book to add to that collection.

Author: Pat Cook

Publisher: Outskirts Press

ISBN: 1-4327-0236-X

Faux Elvis, the newest addition to the alternate history Elvis genera that I find myself a fan of, a “young reporter fresh from journalism school” stumbles across the story of a lifetime. Rather than dying in such an undignified manner back in the late 70’s, Elvis is indeed alive and well and living out his years in a quite little community under an assumed name.

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