Kathy Brodsky

Kathy Brodsky is an award-winning author and a nationally recognized psychotherapist and author of 11 books. Her books focus on playful adventures that lead to a deeper understanding of life’s seemingly small moments in a lighthearted but powerful way. Kathy's books have won multiple awards, including Book of the Year from Creative Child Magazine in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016. Kathy is a Psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing for the past 48 years in children, family, and women's issues. She has been quoted for her expertise as a therapist in The Wall Street Journal and Sunday Independent (South Africa).

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Here is a story that was brought to my attention by Public Relations Consultant, Dana Swinney about how one American psychotherapist and author from New Hampshire, and one literacy educator from Ibadan, Nigeria, met spontaneously at an international literacy conference in Boston, and forged a professional relationship and partnership that transcend the world’s borders, political boundaries and time zones.

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