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Caroline Black is a blogger for Culture Coverage, a website dedicated to a all aspects of culture and entertainment in the digital age. She is particularly interested in how technology and the internet have impacted how we interact with each other plus how we enjoy and discover books, films and music. Caroline has spent a lot of time traveling the globe and also living in the Middle East, Europe and Asia which has given her a unique insight into digital and online culture worldwide.

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For most of history, writers have been able to hide behind their words and only be judged on their merit and talent rather than impressions and appearances. Classic works such as “Jane Eyre” have only been able to rise to the top thanks to this possibly for anonymity.

Today, however, things are very different. If you don’t have a website, Twitter account and group of fans that have formed a small community, then some will say you haven’t even begun to “make it” as a writer. Now, an author’s online presence is almost equally as important as the very words they commit to the page.

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