Richard Vetere

Richard Vetere was born and raised in New York City and received his master's degree in Comparative English Literature from Columbia University. He then went on to write plays in NYC's Off-Off-Broadway world. The first feature film he was hired to write, Vigilante, was named one of the best Indie movies of the 1980's by BAM.

His novels include The Third Miracle (Simon & Schuster) and he co-wrote the screenplay adaptation starring Ed Harris, directed by Agnieszka Holland and produced by Francis Ford Coppola.

His novel Baroque is about the painter Caravaggio. His other movies include The Marriage Fool, an adaptation of his published stage play, for CBS TV Movies starring Walter Matthau and Carol Burnett and John Stamos. He has have over twenty published plays produced around the world.

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When talking about the craft of writing I’ve found that most of the ground has been covered extensively. With the hundreds of workshops and writing schools that proliferate the known universe just about every aspect of writing has been talked about and analyzed. The basic elements of story, plot, theme, style are now commonly referred to when discussing everything from writing for the screen, a web series, fiction, TV and theater.

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