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Cristina Deptula serves as executive director of the green social enterprise Authors, Large and Small

She enjoys a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction, from Bill Bryson to Toni Morrison to Abraham Verghese, and believes there is a place and an audience for every book.

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Once you've got a venue figured out, and know what sort of event you're going to host, it's time to start promoting it to your fans and readers! You want to use all of your channels of communication to talk about the event.

Signings and author appearances, while a great way to connect with and build your audience, can be hard to set up. Many authors in town will want to read at the Barnes and Noble, or the quirky indie store, and their calendars will fill up months in advance. So, hosting your own events, at a coffee shop or someone's apartment, can be worthwhile, especially at the beginning of your writing career.

This isn't going to be another screed about losing personal connections because we're all online. It's totally possible to make valuable friendships and work relationships in both arenas, and most of us do that. This column will be one of two pieces that focuses on how and where to go to find people in person who might be interested in your book and how to make the most of those relationships.

Where can authors find reviewers?

In the American classic film Field of Dreams, the spirits urge Kevin Costner's character, "if you build it, they will come." Many emerging, and established, authors soon find, though, that it takes more to generate interest in their books online than simply creating a book, being ready to answer questions about it, and building a web and social media presence. Often, with so many new, quality titles available, writers need to go out and participate with their audience, where their readers are already gathering. 

Tips On Developing Creative Content for Social Media Updates

No one intends to become 'that writer' who spams every online community with links about their projects and turns every conversation into a commercial for their book. 

You have a book ready to be published. Congratulations! That is a serious accomplishment, and you can be very proud of yourself.

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