Karim Khan (also known as Ernest Dempsey)

Reviewer Karim Khan (also known as Ernest Dempsey) is a geology graduate and an MA in English Literature. He has authored four books: Islands of Illusion, The Biting Age, Two Candles, and The Blue Fairy and Other Stories. Dempsey is a founding member of the World Audience Inc. and the editor in chief of the quarterly review journal The Audience Review. He is completing is first novel. He also writes essays, freelance articles, blogs, and conducts author interviews.  Click Here to read Karim's archived reviews. 

 Articles by this Author

Author: Sarah Blaffer Hrdy

Publisher: Belknap/Harvard University Press

ISBN: 978-0674032996

Author: Lisa H. Weasel

Publisher: AMACOM Books

ISBN: 978-0814401644

Dr. Weasel’s research into the topic is thoroughgoing, not missing any of the scientific, corporate, consumer, ethical, and regional aspects to the genetic modification of food species by the pioneers and proponents of the GM technology

Author: Anya Achtenberg

ISBN: 9781932690620

Publisher: Modern History Press

If you love reading experimental fiction/non-fiction and new forms of literary approaches to social observation and critique, The Stories of Devil-Girl is just the book for you

Author: Michael W. Bradbury
ISBN: 978-1-60264-535-6

This one is a disturbing, empowering, and thought-provoking book by Mike Bradbury who, along with his father-in-law Dana Scott Winters, has shared his story of 25 years of a hope-and-disappointment cycle experienced during the search for his kidnapped daughter Laura

Author: Daniel J. Tomasulo
Publisher: Graywolf Press
ISBN: 978-1555974992

As a writer, Daniel stands out from the crowd. His narrative skills are incredibly engaging and his passages truly memorable. His words speak to the instincts and emotions of the reader

Author: Mike Stefan Strozier
Publisher: World Audience Publishers
ISBN: 978-0978808662

Reading the book’s subtitle – schizophrenia, homelessness, war, alcoholism, and divorce – did at first induce some apprehension: was it going to be another gloom-and-doom story?

Ernest Dempsey, one of bookpleasures' reviewers interviews Sherry Quan Lee Author of How to Write a Suicide Note: serial essays that saved a woman's life (Reflections of America)

Author: Sherry Quann Lee
Publisher: Modern History Press
ISBN: 978-1-932690-63-7

The thin line between life and death is the subject of Sherry Quann Lee’s poetry book How to Write a Suicide Note (Modern History Press, 2008).

Author: Peter James and Gian Temperilli
Publisher: World Audience Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-9820540-6-2

Filmmaker Chuck Williams praises the book in the words, ‘I couldn’t put it down’ and this remains true for this reviewer

Author: Marvin L. Zimmerman
Publisher: Synergy Books
ISBN: 978-1-933538-99-6

To find the solution for humanity’s threatened future on the planet, a Nobel laureate scientist is researching the synthesis of a molecule that will give human embryos exceptional development so as to produce geniuses who may save world’ life from extinction.

Author: Dr. Roy Chester
Publisher: Amacom:
ISBN: 10: 0814409202:  13: 978-0814409206

Furnace of Creation, Cradle of Destruction: A Journey to the Birthplace of earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Tsunamis

Title: An Insomniac’s Dream

Author's Name: Kelly Moran

ISBN: 1413773443

Publisher's Name: Publish America

Kelly Moran’s An Insomniac’s Dream (Publish America, December 2005) is just the kind of book that matches its title throughout its content and style – a half-dreamy mode of story-telling, one which makes you question the meaning of the word ‘real’. A collection of 30 poems and 7 short stories, the book explores the paranormal phenomena by palpable characters in the stories and a number of uneasy feelings in the poetry.

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