Gayle Colopy

Reviewer Gayle Colopy: Gayle is a semi-retired veteran of various governmental, non-profit and commercial enterprises, and is now a freelance writer based in northern California. His literary preferences are Beat-era American literature, classic erotica, and fiction writers who blossomed in the Sixties, including Joseph Heller, Donald Barthelme, Ken Kesey, Kurt Vonnegut, William S. Burroughs, Terry Southern, and Hunter S. Thompson.

 Articles by this Author

Author: Dina Di Mambro

ISBN: 978-0615572697

Publisher: Publications

Author: J. P. Kansas

ISBN: 978-1-937831-95-0

Publisher: A Pink Flamingo Ebook Publication

Edited by Andrew J. Rausch

Publisher: BearManor Media


Author: Molly Ivins

Publisher: The Nation

Author: Seka with Kerry Zukus

Publisher: BearManor Media

ISBN: 1-59393-272-3

Author: Michael Gore

Publisher: AuthorMike Ink

ISBN: 978-0985214661

Author: Susan Marg

Publisher: Cowgirl Jane Press

ISBN: 978-0-578-11882-6

Author: Adam Sharp

ASIN: B00C1KOO72 (Kindle Edition)

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