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Reviewer & Author Interviewer, Norm Goldman. Norm is the Publisher & Editor of

He has been reviewing books for the past twenty years after retiring from the legal profession.

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 Articles by this Author

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Michael E. Nathanson Author of Cries of the Eagle

Author: Michael E. Nathanson

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781498458498

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Brian Meehl Former Puppeteer on Seasame Street and Now Author

Author: Newton Frohlich

Publisher: Blue Bird Press

ISBN: 978-0-9960484-5-3

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Avraham Azrieli Whose Latest Novel Deborah Rising: A Novel Inspired By The Bible Has Just Been Published

Author: Avraham Azrieli

Publisher: HarperLegend


Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Geórgeos C. Awgerinøs author of Eugenia Destiny and Choice

Author: Geórgeos C. Awgerinøs

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 978-1-4917-4017-0

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Jochanan Stenesh, Author of A World At Risk

Author: Jochanan Stenesh

Publisher: Merriam Press

ISBN: 9781576385029

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interview Judy Alter Author of Several Fictional Biographies of Women of the American West

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Marian Small Author of When Johnny Doesn't Come Marching Home

Author: Marian Small

Publisher: Friesen Press

ISBN: 9781460286760

Norm Goldman, Publisher &  Editor of Interviews Nat Segaloff. Over theyears Nat has worn many hats including TV writer-producer, jounalist, studio publicist, college teacher, entertainment critic and many more.

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Marilyn Meredith Author of Over 40 Books

Norm Goldmn, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Kenneth D. Ackerman Author of Trotsky in New York, 1917: A Radical in the Eve of the Revolution

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Christine Simolke Author of Children of Italy: Love Secrets & Betrayal

Author: Christine Simolke

Publisher: Masquerade an Imprint of Hawkins Publishing Company

ISBN: 978-0-9962145-1-3

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews John E. Quinlan Author of Tau Bada: The Quest and Memoir of a Vulernable Man

Author: John E. Quinlan

Publisher: MCP Books

ISBN:  978-1-63413-956-4


Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Barbara Terry, America's Favorite Auto Expert and Co-Author with Beth Ann Stifflemire of The Spectacular World of Waldorf, Children's Book Series

Author: Joseph Finder

Publisher: Dutton

ISBN: 978-0-525-95462-0

Author: Peter McKenna

Publisher: New Fronter Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-9971372-0-0

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews George Getschow, Founder of the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Conference and Editor of The Best American Newspaper Narratives

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Catherine Fairfield Hayes, Author of Contemplation On God And Orgasim.

Author: Catherine Fairfield Hayes

Illustrations: Veer Images

Publisher: Lynn Brown & Associates

ISBN: 978-1-513607719

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews New York Times Best Selling Author, Kelley Armstrong

Author: Kelly Durham

ISBN: 9781533582911 welcomes as our guest Kelly Durham author of four Historical Fiction Novels set during The 1930’s and 1940’s, the latest of which is The Movie Star and Me 

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Andrew Feinberg, free lance writer, author of five non-fiction books and a debut work of fiction, Four Score & Seven.
The book's primary theme is Abraham Lincoln returns from the dead in the middle of the 2016 election campaign.

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Screenwriter, Director, Film Producer & Author, Patrick Sheane Duncan

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of welcomes as our guest Jennifer Linn, a multi-talented pianist, teacher, composer, arranger and clinician, who holds the title of Manager-Educational Piano for Hal Leonard Corporation. She is the author of Piano for Kids-a book for beginners who want to learn to play the piano (or keyboard), and want to play the popular songs they know and love

Author: Alman H. Bond, PH.D

Publisher: Bancroft Press

ISBN: 978-1-61099-164-7 (ARC COPY) Interviews Daniel L. Rappaport Director of Creation of Pazzaria Performances and Author of The Legend of the Lost Rose

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews Ernesto Patino Author of In The Shadow of a Stranger, The Last Good Guys and One Last Dance

Author: Ernesto Patino

Publisher: Indigo Sea Press, LLC

ISBN: 9781630662721 welcomes as our guest author and screenwriter, David Misch. David's credits include the multiple-Emmy-nominated Mork and Mindy, the Emmy-losing Duckman, the Emmy-ignored Police Squad!, the Emmy- engorged Saturday Night Live, and the Emmy-ineligible The Muppets Take Manhattan.   David wrote Funny: The Book (Applause), blogs for The Huffington Post, and his play Pretty Naked People has its world premiere in Los Angeles this winter. His most recent work, A Beginner's Guide to Corruption will be released at the end of July 2016.

Author: Marty Essen

Publisher: Encante Press

ISBN: 978-0-9778599-9-3

Author: Siân Rees

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 978-1-6173-567-1

Norm Goldman, Publisher & Editor of Interviews K.M. Oddeck author of Intrinsic Encounters

Author: K.M. Oddeck

Publisher: BookBaby

ASIN: B01HOPZZ08 (Kindle) welcomes as our guest film and television actor, Cliff Simon. Cliff has been a television and film actor for over twenty years and is best known for his role as the 5 season recurring villain Ba'al in the TV Sci-Fi thriller, Stargate SGI and the DVD movie Stargate Continuum. Recently, he has published with Loren Stephens his memoir, PARIS NIGHTS: My Year at the Moulin Rouge.

Author: Andy Brunning

Publisher: Ulysses Press

ISBN: 978-1-61243-551-0

Editor: Gayle Reaves

Publisher: University of North Texas Press

ISBN: 978-1-57441-636-7 (Paperback): 978-1-57441-645-9 (E-Book)

Many of us including myself may have thought that Hillary Clinton is the first female to run for President of the USA. However, as Nicole Evelina, informs us in her recent work, Madame Presidentess it was in fact Victoria Woodhull (“Notorious Victoria”) who was the first female to seek the office, setting a precedent still followed by female politicians today.

Until the US election in November, we will be bombarded with all kinds of media communications concerning Donald Trump and you have to admit even if you detest him, Trump does create quite a stir.

Author Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D has published two cartoon books concerning him, Trump Is Nuts! and Trump Is Extinct…Or May Be Soon!

Author: Rick Pullen

Publisher: Blair House

ISBN: 978-0-692-63435-6 welcomes as our guest multi-talented entertainer and now co- author of Teen Idol On The Rocks: A Tale Of Second Chances, Bobby Rydell. Bobby is best known as a 1960s teen idol with such hits as Kissin Time and Volare. During his career he sold more than twenty-five million records and today continues to tour internationally. In 2012 he underwent a double organ transplant. welcomes as our guest, Reid Wilson, Ph.D., who is an international expert in the treatment of anxiety disorders, with books published in nine languages. He is the author of Don't Panic, co-author of Stop Obsessing!, and co-author of Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents. His most recent book is Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety & Worry.

Author: Norman Lear

Publisher: Penguin Books

ISBN: 978-0-14-312796-3

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