Wheldon Curzon-Hobson

Reviewer Wheldon Curzon-Hobson is a New Zealand writer. His second novel Near A Canal was described as “… easy to read, evocative of its setting and the characters are beautifully drawn … " His reviews are written in a similar vein, selecting books with inspiring characters and history. He is married with two young children who continually encourage him to 'open his eyes a little wider' to the wonders of the world.

 Articles by this Author

Author: Mark Gungor

ISBN13: 9781416536055

Publisher: Atria Books,

A funny, personal and very helpful book that helps you to understand how to incorporate both conflict and happiness into a successful, satisfying marriage.

Title: The Fight Of Your Life

Editor: Jeffrey Dean
ISBN: 13: 9781601421104
Publisher: Multnomah Books

Summary: A hard-hitting, no holds-barred description of a modern teen’s life and how parents are needed more than ever.

Author: Christopher J.H. Wright
ISBN13: 97803102754566
Publisher: Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49530

A theological book that successfully wrestles with the Biblical issues that many place in the too-hard basket.

Author: Matthew S. Stanford, PhD

ISBN13: 9781934068441

Publisher: Paternoster Publishing

A brilliantly written Christian analysis of mental health issues which provides essential insights into the use of contemporary psychiatric and psychological treatments.


An indepth, thought-provoking description of how abuse occurs in a church environment, followed by easy to implement suggestions on how to resolve and minimise this abuse.


Title: Searching For A Better God
Author: Wade Bradshaw
ISBN: 13: 978934068007
Publisher: Authentic Publishing

Wade Bradshaw addresses the challenges to an orthodox interpretation of God by a society that is increasingly redefining the role and morality of God.

Author: Pam Davis

ISBN: 13: 9781934068649

Publisher: Authentic Publishing

This short book describes the differences and similarities between God’s grace and gold.


Author: Wayne Brittenden

ISBN: 13: 9781869621469
Publisher: Random House NZ.

This a marvelous read capturing the splendor, the fun and the characters from the heyday of New Zealand cinema.

Author: Wendy Kinney-Kendall

ISBN13: 9781869790431
Publisher: Random House NZ.

Barbara Kendell is an extraordinary woman. She has not only won windsurfing medals at three Olympics, she is a mother, an IOC representative, public speaker and mentor. This biography, written by her sister, tells the inspiring story of an extraordinary woman who overcame her personal challenges and remains at the top of her sport after twenty years of competition.

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