Ellen Alexander

Reviewer Ellen Greiss Alexander:  Ellen is an accomplished musician, mother of two and the author of seven music books, five teen novels (including her four book series, The Prefab Four) and a book of lyrical poetry. You can contact Ellen or read samples of her books at www.theprefabfour.com.

 Articles by this Author

Author: Rick D. Niece

ISBN: 978-1-58985-094-1

Publisher: Five Star Publications

Author: Kristin Hannah

ISBN: 978-0312577209

Publisher: St. Martin's Press


Authors: Alison Arngrim: Mary McDonough

ISBN: 978-0-06-196215-8: ISBN:  978-0-7582-6366-7

Publisher: HarperCollins: Kensington Books

Author: Diana E. Sheets

ISBN: 978-1-934978-33-7
Publisher: Jorge Pinto Books

Author: Dulce Rodrigues

ISBN: 978-1-4251-7169-8

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

Author: Joni B. Coles

ISBN-13: 978-1-935557-16-6

Publisher: Publishing Works, Inc.

Author: Angela Burke
Publisher: Solstice Publishing

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