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Jerry D. Simmons is a 33-year veteran of publishing, 25 with Random House and the former Time Warner Book Group. He directed a sales division that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in book sales across the United States and Canada. Over the years he has worked on thousands of New York Times bestselling titles and with hundreds of New York Times bestselling authors. Today he writers, speaks and is an advocate for writers, educating them about the business of publishing. Additional information about Jerry can be found at one of his WEBSITES



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Blurb marketing is the art of crafting a brief message and communicating that message to a large targeted audience quickly. The message can be an announcement of a launch, re-launch, promotion, special offer or any form of communication directly to an audience. Blurbs are a marketing tool that have been used and perfected by major publishers and bestselling authors for years.

In 2010 book publishing changed forever when Apple launched the iPad, a digital reading device that officially heralded the dismantling of the big publisher model that has been dominant for more than sixty years. A new bench mark was created and a universal platform has been established that allows every writer, publisher and business to profit without having to rely on a major publishing company Welcome to the new world of electronic publishing! Here are the three major trends in book publishing today.

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Jerry D. Simmons Discusses the future of print books in this excellent article

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